Mirror Wars. Reflection One (2005).
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Mirror Wars. Reflection One (2005).

Mirror Wars. Reflection One (2005).

  • Country Russia.
  • Directed by Basil Chiginsky.
  • Starring: Valery Nikolaev, Mikhail Gorevoy, Alexander Efimov, Malcolm McDowell

The Russian aircraft manufacturing corporation Sukhoi is developing a fundamentally new fighter, which should be the best combat aircraft in the world. The name of the functional and multipurpose fighter is still absent, however, workers and pilots call it "Dry-XX".

Developments combat vehicle being in a state of complete secrecy, but the terrorists and the US Secret Service are closely monitored for the development, and their main goal became seizure combat vehicle for the purpose of further study and re-fit their own needs.

If US intelligence agencies are trying to capture the drawings plane, then the international terrorists is different task - to combat aircraft they want to attack the plane of US President. However, the war machine is so perfect that any attempt to capture the power of the Russian fighter combat becoming impossible.

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