Women in civil aviation.

Women in civil aviation.


Very often, the question pops up when there is a conversation about aviation "Is there any female airplane pilots?"

Of course, there is. Back in the year 1910, in France, received a pilot's license the first woman in the world, she became Baroness Raymonde de Laroche.

Women in civil aviation.


After that, the number of female pilots is starting to increase. In 1914 year Shahovskaya Eugene became the first in the world military aviatrix. In 20-X centuries to realize his dream could only units.

In 60-ies first formed female set in the civil aviation flight school.

And in 73 year was the first edition, consisting of 40 people, 77 year was the second, after which released about 50 people. But, unfortunately, in our country there were no more issues.

Women in civil aviation.


Today in the US there are about 25 000 female pilots, allowing America ranks first in the world on this indicator. Women are lucky enough to get a license for the control of the aircraft. This profession is gaining popularity among women, with regard to the percentage that is in comparison with the year 2003, the number of women drivers increased by 9%, and women constitute 5% of the total number of pilots. 400 women, according to 2010 years, working in the major airlines.

The same discrimination in the profession today is rare, colleagues and passengers adequately respond to Women in the cockpit.

Polish carrier officerAgnieszka Baran believes that there is nothing unusual in this century, including the girl-pilot. In her company all 7 girls, the rest are men. But Agnieszka says to them will never be discriminated against, that they are very happy, they saw themselves as full-fledged members of the crew.

World aviation beyond that level, it is an industry in which no one is looking at the floor. This applies particularly to the Western airlines.

As for the women pilots in Russia. They provide support for the civil aviation sector.

At the helm, Aeroflot - Russian carriers mainly because it is possible to meet the girl.

Asia also has a staff of female pilots. Their services are used by Royal Brunei Airlines - the national carrier of Brunei.

I would like to finish this article the phrase Agnieszka Baran:

"Yes, we, the girls, harder even when no one reminds us of this, but all the same requirements remain high, and we must prove that we are coping with the same responsibilities. The most important thing - to never give up, and then all your dreams are feasible. Learn and work, and most importantly - never give up. "

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