Meet - VC200 Volocopter
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Meet - VC200 Volocopter

Meet - VC200 Volocopter, personal flying transport of the future



30 March this year, there was a very interesting event in Germany, which is why it remains virtually unnoticed. The first flight of a very interesting device called Volokopter, rather VC200 Volocopter, which his German creators dubbed White Lady.

The design of a new type of aircraft is a multi-copter, or rather a sort of hybrid of a helicopter and a drone. The double cabin is made of carbon fiber, which virtually eliminates all the vibrations and noise inside. To the cockpit, on the helicopter standing on two skis - skids, 6 segments of "lobules" join, with three electric rotors. All segments with 18 rotors form a full circle. Failure of one or even 2-3 rotors practically can not affect the safety of the flight, except that it will only affect the speed of the unusual aircraft and its speed.

VC200 Volocopter


According to the new kind of technology designers multicopter master control may be anyone. The fact that copter controlled by the onboard computer that regulates the speed of rotation of the propellers or other group. Thus, through the joystick commands are fed through the computer to the main rotor. Managed by designers assurances can handle a child.

For storage Volokoptera fit any garage or shed. Section three engines detached from the cab itself and take with it very little space. Maximum take-off weight of the machine with two people is only 450 kg. At the same time it can reach speeds of up to 100 km \ h.

VC200 Volocopter

The German aviation authorities did not know how to register a new type of aviation technology, and they had to come up with a new category. So far, pilots who have a sports license can operate the board, but, according to the designers, over time, the device will receive a certificate for recreational use, which means that anyone who wants to and who has $ 340 will be able to pilot it, and it is at this price that it will go on sale.

But, like any device with electric VC200 has one very significant drawback: its flight time is limited capacity on-board batteries and is only 20 minutes. The creators of the "White Lady" promise to increase the flight time up to one hour.

 Despite all the advantages and extraordinary design, so far this is nothing more than just another ecological toy for rich fans of extreme sports.

On HeliRussia 2106 exhibition at the stand of the company to begin release Volocoptera were only promo clips and cards with a minimum of information on the car. Perhaps the creators of the device is not able to send the car to the exhibition, and perhaps it is still in one piece.

Meet - VC200 Volocopter, personal flying transport of the future


Review of technology for the future prepared by Valery Smirnov.

Prompt contact anyone to create these aircraft in Russia. With the recognition of Yuri.

Always keep in mind engine failure and ground impact. In a vertical fall, the upper structure will crush both the pilot and the passenger! You must have additional "legs" around the perimeter!

Legs won't come in handy.
Add a parachute, and you can sell shares, they will buy both.


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