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Golden Voice Domodedovo airport - Olesya Lion and base CAO posts

Golden Voice Domodedovo airport - Olesya Lion and base CAO posts editors visited the capital's Domodedovo airport. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the automatic announcement system of the Moscow Domodedovo airport.

In 2007 year, for the first time in Russia, Moscow Domodedovo Airport It was put into operation automatic Announcement System (ESS). The main function of the CAO is the formation of voice announcements for airport passengers on developments related to the registration of passengers and baggage check-in, boarding the flight, baggage, arrival, delays and cancellations of flights.

CAO provides information on the state of the technological processes of passenger service both in the automatic mode of airport operational database, and from the operators to generate standard audio messages in a timely manner and take them to the speakers located in the terminal building.

Facilities in the terminal building have a large volume, which creates a sophisticated acoustic conditions for the spread of the sound information. SAO algorithms used in the compilation of sound fragments can increase speech understanding in view of the acoustics of the terminal.

For the "non-standard" ads at Moscow's Domodedovo airport has a group of professional speakers (customers informing Group). Their duties include work in "online" mode on requests for ads from the airlines or, for example, in the case of the need to find the lost passengers. In addition, the CAO reports database is constantly updated - for her text reads speaker Olesya Lion, "the voice of the Domodedovo airport."


Let's talk with the announcer of Domodedovo airport - Olesya Lev.


QUESTION: How did you come to work in the service of Domodedovo ads and that it was necessary to be able besides, to speak in a pleasant voice?

ANSWER: В Domodedovo Airport I came to work 11 years ago: first it was a call center where I was an ordinary operator. By the way, I remembered an amusing incident - somehow I got a call, where I was asked to provide information about the flight schedule and the price of a ticket for Aeroexpress. Of course, I began to tell; I was listened to quietly, carefully, and then gently asked: "Girl, excuse me, but now you're talking to me or announcer?". I answered that I was not a speaker, and they told me: "Thank you very much! It was so nice to listen to you. " Probably, it was a prophecy, because then I did not think that I would soon be invited to work in the narration and, moreover, that I would become the "airport voice".

So, as you can see, not only experienced professional announcers come to our team, but there are also "nuggets" from the current airport employees. However, regarding talents, having a pleasant voice is, of course, an argument, but besides that you need to have good diction, clear pronunciation and, of course, the absence of any speech defects. After all, you even need to be able to control your breathing at the moment of pronouncing the announcement! Therefore, all announcers of Domodedovo airport regularly undergo special trainings and trainings.


speaker Domodedovo


QUESTION: Whence comes flight information - and is it possible that you are ahead of the visual display. How do these systems related?

ANSWER: Let me tell you how sound announcements are formed at Domodedovo airport. Most of the information messages for passengers are broadcast by a special Automatic Announcement System. Having received information from the airport database, for example, about a change in the status of a flight, the system generates typical sound messages and broadcasts them in a timely manner through the loudspeakers located in the halls of the passenger terminal. This is very convenient, since the system, for example, can simultaneously transmit different messages to the address, to specific halls where the passengers of a certain flight are.


"Live" shall be read only non-standard ads. Information is also provided in the broadcast system of automatic announcements of a common database. A message appears on the screen in front of the speaker, who read an ad in the right moment.


So the ads are broadcast simultaneously with the demonstration of the information on the scoreboard. Domodedovo airport - a huge collective, cohesive team, with a well tested system of interaction, because of the coherence depends the fate of millions of passengers. In another way!


QUESTION: I noticed that the system "speaks" your voice. Tell us a little about it?

ANSWER: Yes you are right. My voice is recorded in the messages of the system in Russian. Each ad phrase is combined from separate segments - words. The total number of such sound fragments in the "vocabulary" of the system is now about 35. And the archive is constantly growing! In addition, the system can speak 000 foreign languages, including such “exotic” languages ​​as Hindi, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. Broadcasting announcements in the native language of passengers makes their stay at the airport more comfortable. For example, in the international zone of the Domodedovo terminal, for passengers departing on flights to France, announcements sound in Russian, English and French - not a single passenger is left without information! Thus, it is possible to reduce the number of passengers being late for flights, thereby increasing the punctuality of their implementation.

speaker Domodedovo

QUESTION: In addition to the lost children and subjects, what other ads you read out the private nature? Were the children and subjects some funny stories (the child went to the air express home, someone forgot the cake "Prague" - something like that)?

ANSWER: Basically it is, of course, the ad stray passengers and about lost things or documents. Sometimes, there are anecdotes. For example, recently received a message from the agent registration, which found a box with cake, and already printed! But the decision was made to announce the discovery - by the way, the owner is found. There have been packing candy and teddy bears. Once passengers have lost a dog -It make an announcement and a pet is found. But the passengers themselves so busy searching for that had already advertise on the search for dog owners!


Yet, by the way, an interesting fact - lost parents often than children who themselves seek to airport officials about finding their moms and dads!


QUESTION: The names of some cities you suddenly do not work out (difficulty with pronunciation)?

ANSWER: It is possible that you will not believe me, but I had no problems with pronouncing the names of the cities. What are the names - that's where you need to show skill! Honestly, I was never frightened by the difficulties and the question "Can I not manage?". Any complexity fades in comparison with the realization that your voice meets and escorts people from different countries, accompanies them, perhaps on the way to a dream and helps to cope with the excitement before the flight. It was here, at the airport of Domodedovo, that I found my vocation - the work of the announcer, the profession of the "conductor" of the passenger in the world of travel.


QUESTION: What are your instructions on behavior during emergency situations and threats?

ANSWER: A very important skill for an airport announcer is the ability to forget about emotions at work, because they are transmitted not only through the eyes, but also through the voice of a person. The announcer in no case should broadcast anxiety, fear, panic in his messages. His task is to calm, direct, create, in the passenger's mind, the image of well-coordinated actions and a sense of reliability. I will tell you a little secret: if while reading the text you smile a little, slightly (the corners of the lips are raised), then the voice sounds completely different - confidently and sympathetically.  


We would like to express our gratitude to the press service of Domodedovo Airport and Pavel Bragin for the opportunity to prepare the material.