"Sosna-RA" - a mobile anti-aircraft gun and missile system of domestic production. Over its development worked FSUE "Design Bureau of Precision Engineering named after A.E. Nudelman. It is an upgrade of the towed SOSNA-A.


History of development


When creating a lightweight mobile towed SOSNA-A, the engineers invested in the design potential for further improvement, modernization and improvement of tactical and technical characteristics. In the role of the main direction of modernization, the creation and equipment of the complex with a new more advanced short-range SAM and the use of updated thermal imaging equipment, which is responsible for detecting targets, is defined.


Design Bureau of Precision Engineering. A.E. Nudelman was engaged in the creation of a new hypersonic guided missile. The work began during the unification of the Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau and the Moscow precision engineering design bureau at NPO Tochnost. The chief designer responsible for the whole process was A.G. Shipunov.


Design features


Sosna-RA is located on a towed platform and is designed according to a modular scheme, which allows its installation on any towed silt self-propelled vehicle with a lifting capacity of at least 3,5 tons. The complex is towed using the following trucks: "KAMAZ-4310", "Ural-4320", or through similar machines of foreign or domestic production.


Features of weapons


Anti-aircraft gun 2А38М (mm 30) double-barreled - the main armament. He is able to hit moving targets at altitudes up to 3 kilometers. The whole machine in the equipped state - 230 kg. Ammunition - 600 cartridges.


Anti-aircraft guided missile 9M337 "Sosna-R"


Initially, the rocket was developed for the Tunguska missile defense missile system. The main direction of work - an increase in the affected area, which led to an increase in the size and weight of the rocket. Then the rocket was adapted for the Sosna complex and specialists began work on reducing the elements and details of the structure. Through the use of a laser guidance system, miniaturization was achieved (replacing the old radio command command).


The guidance system used by the rocket system is based on the principles of operation of laser guidance systems that were used in guided anti-tank complexes created in the Tula Instrument Engineering Bureau.

ZRK Pine-RA 23

The 9М337 rocket is capable of hitting targets that fly at altitudes up to 3500 m. The range of destruction is from 1,3 to 8 kilometers, while the flight time to the maximum range is 11 seconds. The rocket accelerates to 1200 meters per second. It is equipped with a twelve-channel non-contact laser fuse and has a combat unit weighing five kilograms. Rocket weight in the transport and launch container - 36 kg, and without it - 25 ... 26 kg.


The rocket is exactly the same as in the missiles used by the Tunguska missile defense system. Marching foot diameter - 71 mm. The diameter of the rocket in the engine area - 130 mm. Ammunition - 8 SAM.


Characteristics of "Pine-RA"


  • Weight, kg - 6500..6700
  • Type of tractor: Ural-4320, KAMAZ-4310
  • Clearance, mm - 350
  • Speed ​​on the highway, km / h - up to 75
  • The main armament - 2А38М
  • Additional armament - 4 x SUR 9М337 "Sosna-R"
  • Length, mm - 4990 (6800 with dyshl)
  • Height, mm - 2700
  • Diameter, mm - 30
  • Principles of operation - removal of powder gases
  • Elevation angle - -6 .. + 85
  • Angle of rotation - 360
  • Rate of fire, shots / min - 2400..2500
  • Muzzle velocity, m / s 960..980
  • Aim range, m: height: 0..3000; range: 200..4000
  • Maximum range, m: height: - more than 3000; range: more than 5000
  • Type of ammunition - tape

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