ZRS C-300B

ZRS C-300B

The S-300V anti-aircraft missile system was created to defend troops and important civilian and military facilities from powerful attacks of ballistic missiles (like "Pershing", "Lance"), cruise (like ALCM) and aeroballistic missiles (like SRAM), planes of tactical and strategic aviation, combat helicopters in complex jamming and strategic aviation, patrolling active jammers while guiding maneuverable combat operations by the troops covered by it. The first universal mobile anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system was the 3PC S-300V.


Combat use C-300В


According to experts, the experience of the use of air defense systems in general is recognized to be very successful, but this experience is based only on training and test launches. That is, the system did not take part in real combat operations.

  • The 1991-1993 of the year in the drills took on various modifications of the system that hit the targets with a probability of 90% during a single start and close to 100% during a two-starter start.
  • In 1995, the C-300 was the first air defense system, which intercepted and destroyed a Soviet P-17 missile. The exercises were held at the Kapustin Yar test site, where many foreign observers were invited.
  • After the Russian Su-2015 was shot down over Syria in 24, the Russian Federation deployed C-300 in the region, installing it on the Moskva missile cruiser and the Lattakia airbase.

ZRS C-300B


History of C-300V


The creator of 3PC C-300B is NIEMI (Research Electromechanical Institute). The tests of the system were carried out in 1985-1986 years at the Emben training ground of the Main Astronomical Administration (Main Missile-Artillery Directorate). 3PC C-300В entered into service with the air defense forces in full combat set in 1988 year. The system was used as a replacement for the front-line anti-aircraft missile brigades of the 2K11 Krug air defense system. Mobility and high combat capabilities were confirmed by special exercises and combat training and shooting. For example, being on the “Defense-92” exercise, the 3PC С-300В complex showed itself especially well, destroying airplanes with the very first missile, while ballistic missiles were destroyed with no more than two missiles.


The designation of the 3PC С-300В ЗРК in the West - SA-12 Gladiator / Giant.


It is worth noting that the complex has a great potential for modernization. For example, the Antey concern created a deep modernization of the C-300В - the C-300ВМ “Antey-2500”. It is a universal means of missile defense and air defense, which can effectively withstand both ballistic missiles with a launch of up to 2500 kilometers, and with all types of aeroballistic and aerodynamic targets. The C-300BM uses new anti-aircraft guided missiles that have increased flight range, reduced preparation time for launch (almost 2 times) and an increased range of developed overloads (up to thirty units).

ZRS C-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant

The radar system has been upgraded, which has led to an increase in energy potential. Better computational tools and built-in navigation, topographic location and orientation systems are used, the algorithms of combat work are optimized. Thanks to them and other improvements, we managed to increase the maximum firing range to 200 km, the flight range of ballistic missiles, the maximum speed of destroying enemy targets from 300 to 4500 meters per second. In addition, it was possible to significantly reduce the response time of the system.


The absolute automation of combat work, the use of modern search tools, high operational reliability and troubleshooting have determined the minimum time spent on calculations. Combat vehicles of the complex can make long marches over rough terrain, as well as take advantage of firing positions without any prior training.


What is included in the C-300 B

  1. Command Point 9C457
  2. Radar circular review "Review-3" 9C15М
  3. Radar software review "Ginger" 9C19М2.
  4. 9C32 missile guidance station.
  5. Launchers: 9А82 (9А82М) - with 2 SUR 9М82 (9М82М), with 4 SUR 9М83 (9М83М).
  6. Charging installations: 9А84 (9А84М) and 9А85 (9А85М).
  7. Technical means:
  • maintenance and repair tools - maintenance vehicles (1Р15, 9В879-1, 9В868-1), maintenance and repair machines (1Р16, 9В898-1), group spare parts XN-CHNXXXXXXXX9, 447В1-XNUMX), group spare parts
  • rocket support equipment - heavy equipment 9Т325, AKIPS 9В91, transport vehicles;
  • training facilities - training device 9Ф88 to improve the calculation of MSNR 9С32, training-active missiles, dimensional and weighty models of missiles.

Techcreen radar data on the anti-aircraft system KP.

ZRS-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant -1

KP 9С457М provides automated control of all air defense systems that operate as part of a single system, performs an analysis of the air situation and calculates the most dangerous targets, issues targets for MCNR and commands for destroying targets, and interacts with the command post. Information is exchanged with radar, MNSD and KP in telecode mode.

Radar sector review type "Ginger" with the HEADLIGHT searches for, detects and accompanies aerodynamic, ballistic and cruise missiles and aerodynamic targets in the specified sector of space according to the data center with the command point of the system, gives it information about them and determines the area of ​​space that is covered by radio-electronic interference .

The three-coordinate MSNR 9S32ME with a centimeter-band phased antenna array allows solving the problems of searching, detecting and accurately tracking up to twelve air targets in the specified sector, including low-flying targets, assigning missiles and launchers of the required type for firing them, issuing target designation data and commands to launch a rocket. External this station is distinguished by the increased geometric dimensions of the antenna fabric.

ZRS-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant -2

The two-stage solid-fuel vertical-launch missiles of two types are made according to the aerodynamic “bearing cone” scheme and provide for the defeat of maneuvering aircraft, ballistic missiles and warheads of operational-tactical aeroballistic and ballistic missiles, as well as aircraft delivering active interference at a distance of one hundred kilometers.


PU 9А83МЭ is responsible for transporting, storing, preparing, entering a flight task, as well as launching the second type of 4М9МE from TPK 83 SAM, the transmission of correction commands for the territory of their flight, as well as continuous illumination of the target. In addition, launching the installation guarantees control of the 9М84МЭ ROM coupled with it with 2 missiles of the first type, the introduction of a flight task into them, the launch and further guidance on the aerial target.


The 9А84МЭ ROM is used for 2 SAM 9М82МE type 1 transport in TPK, charging / discharging a launcher, launching missiles on a target, charging (recharging, discharging) itself with rockets from a transport vehicle, other vehicles or from the ground.

ZRS-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant -434

Control of missiles with an active radar homing head in a simple air situation is carried out according to the method of proportional navigation with the transition to homing ten seconds before the flight to the target. If there is a response radar interference, the missile is sent to the target by a command-inertial control system with a further transition to homing in the next three seconds of flight. The target is affected by high-explosive fragmentation warhead with directional fuse. Zour can be operated in a sealed TPK for ten years without any routine checks and works. The designs of both are unified and differ from each other by starting accelerators.

ZRS-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant -23

All types of C-300B are mounted on unified self-propelled tracked chassis, characterized by high maneuverability. They are also equipped with unified means of autonomous navigation, power supply, topographic location, orientation, life support, voice and telecode telephone and radio communications. The system also includes automated functional control systems (built-in), which provide quick retrieval of an incorrect replacement element of the equipment, as well as deployment devices to the combat position and collapse into a normal traveling one.

ZRS C-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant plan


What does the C-300B anti-aircraft missile division consist of? This includes manual 9S457, 9S19M2 radar, radar and 9S15M 4 air missile battery, each of which included: 2 PU 9A82, 1 missile guidance station 9S32, 1 start-loading installation 9A84, 2 puskozaryazhaschie installation 9A85 and 4 9A83.

ZRS-300B SA-12 Gladiator / Giant -33

Anti-aircraft missile brigade includes: automated gearbox, radar post, which includes 9C19m2 program review radar, 9С15М circular review radar, 113 standby radar, 3-4 radar, CGDNXX, 1-XNUMX radar, and radar systems;

Performance characteristics of C-300B (C-300BM)

Aerodynamic impact area in kilometers:

  • to 100 (to 200) - in range;
  • 0.025-30 (0.025-30) - in height;

The affected area of ​​ballistic targets in kilometers:

  • up to 40 (up to 40) in range;
  • 1-25 (1-30) in height;

Other important features:

  • Maximum speed of targets hit, in meters per second - 3000 (4500).
  • The maximum firing range of the hit BR in meters per second c - 1100 (2500).
  • The number of targets fired by a battalion at the same time is 24 (24).
  • The number of missiles, induced by the battalion at the same time - 48 (48).
  • Rate of fire with one PU, seconds - 1.5 (1.5).
  • The preparation of the missiles to start, seconds - 15 (7.5).
  • The system transfer time from standby to combat mode, seconds - 40 (40).
  • The ammunition of the ZUR division - 96-192 (144).

The probability of hitting the target type:

  • BR "Lance" One Zur 9M83 - 0.5-0.65 (-).
  • One ZUR 9М83 aircraft - 0.7-0.9 (-).
  • the head of the "Pershing" rocket of one 9М82 - 0.4-0.6 (-).
  • SRAM missiles of one of their 9М82 - 0.5-0.7 (-).


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