ZRS C-500 "Prometheus". 55P6М Triumph-M. Specifications. A photo. Video.
ZRS C-500 "Prometheus". 55P6М Triumph-M. Specifications. A photo. Video.

ZRS C-500 "Prometheus". 55P6М Triumph-M. Specifications. A photo. Video.


S-500 "Prometheus" is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system (anti-aircraft missile system), developed by JSC "Almaz-Antey" in 2018, as a means of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, with the ability to hit enemy air targets and ballistic missiles.


The history of the creation of C-500 “Prometheus” (55Р6М “Triumphator-M”)


The Russian complex (ZRS) S-500 "Prometheus", also referred to as the 55R6M "Triumfator-M", began to be developed by Russian scientists in 2002 as a new generation anti-aircraft missile system (SAM of the fifth generation). The key feature of this mobile air defense system was to intercept ballistic missiles at high altitudes and distances, but the designers also provided for the possibility of hitting air targets.

The original name of the Russian ZRS C-500 “Prometheus” (55Р6М “Triumphator-M”) was “The Lord”, however, after the completion of the research phase, a different name was chosen.

In the middle of 2011, the preliminary design of Prometheus C-500 (55Р6М Triumphator-M) was created, after which, the designers proceeded directly to the very process of creating a unique air defense and missile defense system.

Initially it was assumed that C-500 “Prometheus” would be put into service in 2016, however, later, this date was decided to be transferred to 2020 year, however, due to the requirements of Vladimir Putin, the complex began to be tested more actively, which made it possible to approximate the adoption period LAW C-500 "Prometheus" in the troops.


Complex Prometheus C-500 (55P6M Triumphant-M) description


Russian complex S-500 "Prometey" (55P6M "Triumfator-M") includes:

  • Combat Control Station 85Ж6-1;
  • 60K6 early warning radar;
  • Anti-aircraft part: KP 55K6MA, radar 91Н6АМ, PU 51П6М, missiles 40Н6М;
  • Anti-missile part: PBN 85Ж6-2, radar 76Т6 and 77Т6 with active phased antenna array, PU 77П6 and anti-missiles 77Н6-Н and 77Н6-НXNHX1-НXNUMX-НXNUMX-Н and XNUMXНXNUMX-Н and XNUMXНXNUMX-NXNXX


The radius of detection of airborne targets and ballistic missiles in the C-500 “Prometheus” (55Р6М “Triumphator-M”) system is 800 kilometers, while long-range missiles can hit aerial targets at distances up to 600 kilometers.

According to analysts, the S-500 Prometey air defense system can hit air targets at altitudes up to 200 kilometers, which makes it possible to destroy even low-orbit spacecraft.


Technical characteristics of C-500 “Prometheus” system (55Р6М “Triumphator-M”)


  • Platform: mobile;
  • Target detection radius: 800 kilometers;
  • Combat radius: 600 kilometers;
  • Number of missiles: 2-4 units;
  • The maximum speed of the targeted target: 7 km / s;
  • The maximum height of the target: 200 kilometers.

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