On-500 «Prometheus"
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On-500 «Prometheus", the Russian air defense system of the future.

On-500 «Prometheus", the Russian air defense system of the future.


Despite the difficult 90-ies, the general collapse of the armed forces and the defense industry, the Russian industry was able to maintain its potential and future directions.

Proof of this Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Can long list all types of missile systems and air defense missile, but suffice it to say that almost any name commands respect and concern for all our potential adversaries.

"Dvina", "Pechora", "Triumph", "Cube", "dagger", "Thor" is the list goes on. Many of these names are familiar firsthand probably all foreign weapons.

Complexes C-300, various modifications are well known in the Middle East. They have repeatedly taken part in military conflicts. And always these, and other air defense systems, domestic developments, caused understandable concern them opposing forces.

In April 2007 years on arms joined SAM large and medium-range S-400 «Triumph». The complex is able to destroy all the modern means of air and space attack. It can destroy not only modern means of attack, but also those that are being developed and not yet taken on board.

But the developers of domestic modern air and missile defense, does not stand still. Continue to develop new and more advanced weapons.

OJSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "has developed a new ultramodern anti-missile system of the next generation, known as C-500« Prometheus "(55R6M" Triumphant-M ").

This is the complex of the future, not just air defense system, and the system, which will be included in the aerospace defense of the country.

On-500 «Prometheus" hits photo

The difference between the new complex and its predecessors is the application of a separate solution of tasks for working with ballistic targets and aerodynamic ones. Multifunctionality of the complex will allow him to protect the object from any kind of air and space attack. The S-500 anti-aircraft system is capable of hitting medium-range ballistic missiles (MRBMs), if necessary, it can hit ICBMs (on the middle section of the trajectory). The complex is also capable of destroying all types of aircraft, UAVs, including promising hypersonic high-altitude missiles (5M and higher). Another new feature of Prometheus is the destruction of low-Earth orbiting satellites, weapons from space and orbital platforms.

This versatility allows the command to cover the desired object (this may be the region, a major city, an important strategic object, and so on. D.) Not variegated means of protection, and a single complex to solve all problems.

Already today, the Military Space Academy named AF Mozhaiskogo already being prepared for maintenance crews of C-500. In the ready-made simulators fulfill combat skills operators, mechanics, drivers and other specialists. Thus, the adoption of complex weapons and setting it to alert crews will be ready for duty.

Structure Division C-500 will be similar to the already existing structure of the battalions of S-300, ie from 12-17 machines.

Statement on alert systems S-500 is another heavy blow to the US military, which still can not move away from our previous systems C and C-300-400. 


Technical characteristics of the S-500 "Prometheus":

Axels X 10 10
Engine 550 hp diesel engine
Curb weight of the chassis 21000 kg
The load maximum 33000 kg
Total weight maximum 54000 kg
Maximum gradeability 30 degree.
Ford 1.7 m