Pilots heroes. Pilots. Military pilots.

Pilots, like a flying vehicle, are divided into military and civilian, their type of activity corresponds to this distinction. The pilot is one of the heroic professions, no matter what vehicle he uses to accomplish his deeds and feats - a helicopter or a plane, a fact remains.

Perhaps, in our time, the images of heroes for boys and young people have changed, but it will never be superfluous to go back in time and look at the faces of real heroes. Read the article, learn about the exploits committed by them, and at the same time get acquainted with the era in which the heroes lived, devoting their lives to people living at the time, and today.

aviation pilots

Having scrolled through the pages of this chapter, one can get acquainted with many pilots-heroes who defended their homeland from enemies, and have repeatedly received awards for it, in the form of orders and medals. By the way, samples of orders and medals can also be found in this section, they are shown at the end of the biography of the pilots.

Of course, the most active period for the birth of heroes is a war period and nothing can be done about it, but sometimes there are also pilots who are attached to awards and in peacetime, for example, for saving passengers.

It is thanks to these rubrics that we do not forget our history, we honor people who have contributed to its positive outcome. So section (Pilots heroes, pilots, military pilots) Is presented below.

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1916-1968 Grigory Ges Soviet pilot ace, Hero of the Soviet Union.
1916-1991 Alexander Karasev Nikitivich

Soviet military leader, fighter pilot, participant and veteran of World War II.

1920-1991 Ivan Kozhedub Lieutenant General of Aviation. Ivan Kozhedub three times the hero of the Soviet Union. Military pilot first class.
1921-1993 Dokashenko Nicholas G. Soviet flying ace, Hero of the Soviet Union. Member of the Great Patriotic War, Soviet-Japanese and Korean wars.
1922-1968 Vladimir S. Seregin 170 successful sorties, dogfighting 19, 3 downed aircraft, destroyed a lot of ground equipment and manpower of the enemy.
Red Star (twice), Red Banner (three times); He awarded the medal "For Service in Battle"
1923-1998 Bokach Boris Soviet military pilot, ace. 6 victories.
July 14 1953 was for heroism and courage in the fighting, Major Boytsov named a Hero of the country
Nicholas constantly takes on a flight four-legged friend.
He is the author of the biographical book "The Unknown War".
1922-1995 Bahai Stepan Antonovich Military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union.
1923 - n. Sergei Kramarenko Makarovich The pilot, Hero of the country, Major General Aviation.
1924-1981 Galyshevsky Ivan Participant in the Korean conflict, castle regiment.
1937-1973 Gennady Eliseev Castle Squadron 982-34-th Regiment th Fighter Transcaucasian military district, Captain. Hero of the Soviet Union.
1923-1951 Shatalov Herman T. He fought in Korea, was an ace. Shot down a large number of fighters.
1923-2009 Leo K. Shchukin Commander, senior lieutenant, Hero of the Soviet Union.
1919-1998 Morels Alexander Pavlovich He graduated from the Kachinsky Aviation School. He worked as an instructor pilot. Participated in the Patriotic War. Was engaged in aerial reconnaissance.
1921-1996 Subbotin Serafim Pavlovich He was the commander of a machine gun platoon. He graduated from the aviation school. Soon became the captain.
1923-1986 Nikolai Sutyagin Record holder in air combat on jet technology. For a month shot down 5 American aircraft.
20-1953 Fedoretc Semyon After flying club became a student of the Odessa school of pilots. He scored a debut victory, knocking F-86.
1954-80 Valentin Kulyapin He studied at the Military Aviation School. The second Soviet pilot. Received the title of Hero of the Country.
1920-00 Stepan Naumenko He studied at the Leningrad Aviation Technical School. He graduated from the Birsk military school of pilots. For his merits and achievements he received the title of Hero of the Country.
1918-90 Pepeliaev Eugene G. He graduated from a technical college course of Omsk. He entered the Odessa aviation school. The hero of the country.
1922-10 Dmitry Samoilov He studied at the flying club. He graduated from the Kachin Aviation School. Participated in 60 air battles. He received many awards and medals, as well as the title of Hero of the Country.
Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 1935-2013

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam

Brigadier General. He received awards for battle during the Indo-Pakistani War 1965 year and the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 50-80-e

Khalid Mahmood

Highest Pakistani pilot, shot down four enemy aircraft f-16.
Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 20-e-1956 Alauddin Ahmed Made 20 sorties to storm troops in India. Destroyed several dozen enemy military equipment.
Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 20-e-1965 Munir-ud-Din Ahmed Made 8 successful sorties. Shot down the plane of the Indians.
Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 1951-1971 Rashid Minhas During the flights made a lot of efficient actions. For heroism, Rashid was awarded the Medal of Honor by the President of Pakistan
Vinod Kumar NEB. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 50-80-e

Vinod Kumar NEB

One of the young pilots during the Indo-Pakistan war. During the fighting, to fly on the "Hunter".
Vinod Kumar NEB. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 1935-1967 Prakash Rao Sadashiv Pingali Indian pilot. He was shot down by a fighter with his partner.
Vinod Kumar NEB. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 4 1919 - n. Arjan Singh

Awarded the Order of Padma Vibhushan, received the title of Marshal of Aviation.

James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1930-1966 James Dzhebara ( "jab") Well-trained pilot, part of the Korean War. He won the first victory in a jet fighter.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1925-1954 Joe McConnell The navigator of the bomber during the war with the Nazis. Soon became an outstanding ace in the Korean conflict.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1930-1965 Robinson Risner ( "Robbie") Shot down several fighters in China. Ac. The last ammunition shot down the enemy vessel. He participated in the battles in Vietnam.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1922-2007 Robin Olds Brigadier General, Head of the US Air Force Academy.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1942-n. Richard Ritchie ( "Steve") During the fighting, several MiGs shot down. After leaving office he was engaged in political activities in 1974 year.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 50-00-e Randall Cunningham ( "Duke") Military ace. Shot down planes opponents. After the war he became an instructor, was engaged in military planning.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 30-e-1979 Wayne Peak He served in the US Air Force units located in Israel. Got the nickname "rescuer pilots."
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1921-n.

John Glenn

American hero. After being selected as an astronaut, he traveled to space.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 30-00-e

Lou Lenart

Pilot. Shot down several enemy planes. After the flight activity, he organized his own airline company. He became a coach, made a film.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1925-1994

Harold Fisher ( "Hal")

He graduated from flight school. Commits flights to Korea from the airbase, which was on the distribution. He was captured by Chinese soldiers.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1922-1952

George Andrew Davis

During the first flights shot down seven Japanese fighters, was awarded the Silver Star. He received the rank of major. He was shot down in battle at the age of 30.
Moshe Melnik. Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1946 - n.

Moshe Miller

Squadron lock, shot down several Syrian MiGs. In 1976, the year was removed from the flight.
Moshe Melnik. Biography. Fighting. A photo. 4 1928-2002

Benjamin Peled

One of the best Israeli pilots. He was appointed commander of the air base. After the end of his flying career, Beni became the director of one of the large enterprises.
40-e-00-e Nguyen Van Bai One of the most famous North Vietnamese aces. During the period of flight activity 7 was won victories over the Americans.
1940-1970 Nguyen Van Coc Vietnamese ace, during the war shot down seven planes.
1947-n. Pham Tuan He served as a technician in aviation. He graduated from the Air Force Academy.
Danny Wilson. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 4 20-e-90-e Danny Wilson He flew in the 411 squadron, won many victories over opponents. After the cessation of flight activity, he returned to Canada and worked as a pilot in forest conservation.
Danny Wilson. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 4 20-e-90-e John McElroy Shot down German Bf-109. After the war, he joined the Air Force reserve. He served as an instructor in the 421-th Air Division.
Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 3 20-e-1948 Eddie Cohen Participated in the first departure of the Israeli Air Force. He flew a small transport. During one of the flights, Eddie made a mistake at the airfield and landed on the one that was captured by opponents.
Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 3 20-e-80-e Sid Cohen Sid, leaving medical education, joined the South African Air Force. He flew in the 4-th squadron.
Danilo Atiensa. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 4 50-e-90-e Danilo Atiensa In 1989, he became the hero of the Philippines, received an officer rank.
Danilo Atiensa. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 4 40-th-1974 Antonio Bautista The commander of the 9 Squadron, made 5 heroic attacks on the target. Awarded a star for bravery.
Ayhid Salah al-Shamrani. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 4 70-e-00-e Salah el Ayhid Shot down F-15 fighters owned by Iraq. Attacked coalition troops.
Alvaro Prendes Quintana. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 4 1928-90 Alvaro Prendes Quintana Entered the infantry school, having finished it, went to study at the flight school. Passed retraining in jet aircraft. He received a lieutenant rank.
Alvaro Prendes Quintana. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 4 30-e-1961 Luis Alfonso Silva Tablada He graduated from the school of pilots. During the war with the Germans performed patrol flights. After the victory, he headed the squadron B-26.

Heroes pilots

Profession - pilot - is not only romantic stories, chanting it in songs, and hard work, the daily risk and greater responsibility. Still, every second boy dreams of becoming a pilot and raise the sky a plane. And how not to dream when the sight of the great examples of people in this profession. Many of them, also once dreamed of becoming pilots, and certainly the heroes of the country, to receive awards, medals, that's just the price of these awards is too high.

Each of them has the right to be named and recognizable, but there is not enough runet open spaces to give them all their due. But it is possible in the person of several contemporaries to remember each hero from the time of the first one who ascended to heaven.

At the end of the last century Vladimir Sharpatov - The pilot and commander of the crew of the IL-76, has an award from the president for the courage and heroism shown by him when he escaped from Afghanistan, where he and his team were captured for a whole year.

Vladimir Sharpatov received the “Hero of the Russian Federation” and the “Golden Star”, his colleague Gazinur Khairullin, the co-pilot, became the Hero of the Russian Federation. His team is Alexander Zdor Navigator, Vishivtsev, flight engineer, leading engineers Butuzov Sergey, Viktor Ryazanov, flight engineer Abbyazov Askhat were awarded the Order of Courage for services to the fatherland.

Another legendary name of the pilot Hero of Russia - Apakidze Timur - Honored Military Pilot of Russia, the first among naval aviation pilots who received his award of the Hero of Russia. Killed 12 years ago on the 85 anniversary of naval aviation, during ceremonial performances. He was awarded the “Golden Star” of the hero of the Russian Federation, the Order of the Third Degree for the service “For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR” and “For Personal Courage”, the medal “For Military Merit”, the streets were named after him.

It would seem that the phrase pilots - heroes are forever connected with the war and in peacetime it simply has no place, but even nowadays there are pilots who received the honorary title "Heroes of Russia. These are the pilots who, in a difficult situation, thanks to impossible efforts forgetting about themselves, acted in the interests of people's lives.

Every year there are more and more such heroes. On the one hand - this, of course, fortunately - for those people who were on the plane at that time, and on the other - due to technical problems with the air vehicles, the heroism becomes somehow forced.

For example, in the Komi Republic, the winged car Tu-154, was obliged to make an emergency landing and thanks to the pilots and the glorious crew, no one was injured, although there were more than seventy passengers on board. To pilots Andrew Lamanova and Evgeny Novoselovawarded the title Hero of Russia, and team members received orders of courage. This situation was caused by problems with onboard batteries, the plane had to make a journey from the Polar Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, but did not have time.

Unfortunately, the reward is not all pilots alive and in good health.

23 2012 year June last year during the test work MiG-29KUB not returned home pilots - heroes Alexander and Oleg Kruzhalin Match. Recent tests they conducted in the Astrakhan region, for which he received the title of Hero of Russia posthumously. His last flight they planted near the village, while not causing physical damage to a living soul. Eternal memory to them.

And how many survivors of the pilots did not receive awards, which, thanks to their courage and skill to land the plane in an emergency. Or are pilots who fought, but could not, unfortunately, to help themselves or passengers. Not enough pages to enumerate all and remember all the situations that are flying reel of film for years - ... .1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 ... cities and surnames. The commander-captain Andrew Churbanov and pilot-operator of senior lieutenant Oleh Tumakov died .... Not far from the Itum-Kale, killing the Hero of Russia Colonel Yuri Nikolaevich Yakimenko and the captain Oleg Podsitkov... The Su-17М3 aircraft crashed during trials, two pilots who experienced it ... Pilot Dmitry Khrebtov died on training flights ...

The test pilots will have no end to the names, at the cost of their lives they check the reliability of the steel birds so that someone else, already on a more advanced model, has the opportunity not only to fly, but also to live. Unfortunately, after 2013 there will again be dots ...

Personality in the world of aviation

1908-1984 Cradle Arkhip Mikhailovich Major scientist, designer of aircraft engines
1911-1971 Mikhail Kuzmich Yangel An outstanding scientist and organizer of scientific research
1907-1966 Korolev Sergei Pavlovich Designer spacecraft
The German military leader Field Marshal Aviation
The political, state and military leader of Nazi Germany, Reich Reich Ministry of Aviation
German military leader, Field Marshal General. Luftwaffe Inspector General.
German pilot of the two world wars, the Chief of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal Aviation