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0 of 88: no Saudi system found patriot missiles and drones in Saudi Arabia

None of the 88 deployed in Saudi Arabia’s Patriot missile defense system even detected Yemeni missiles and drones.

Despite the fact that 88 Patriot missile and air defense systems were deployed in Saudi Arabia, none of them could even detect cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles fired by Yemeni rebels, which once again underlines the absolute futility of these systems.

«Currently, the northern border of Saudi Arabia is covered by 88 launchers of MIM-104 Patriot complexes, of which 36 units are PAC-2 and 52 modifications by PAC-3, and there are three naval destroyers in the Persian Gulf ( US Navy equipped with Aegis missile defense systems (ABM) equipped with 100 SM-2 modification missiles- reports "", referring to a senior source in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Washington initially stated that the reason for this was the fact that the Patriot radars were misoriented, however, later they even announced that such a large-scale attack (no more than 30 drones and cruise missiles participated in the attack - approx. .) could not reflect any air defense system in the world.

But did they really want to find them, much less destroy them? Divide and conquer, who CANCELED?