Russian Navy


10 ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy heading menacingly towards the United States

Russia and China are preparing to respond to US provocations at their borders.

After the military exercises of the Russian and Chinese Navy ships officially ended, it turned out that 10 warships and submarines did not go to their places of permanent deployment, as originally assumed, but moved towards the United States. According to Japanese media reports, it was initially assumed that after the completion of the exercise, the ships and submarines would return to their bases. On October 18, through the Sangar Strait, the ships headed towards the Pacific Ocean, heading directly to the US coast. Such actions may be related to the intentions of Moscow and Beijing to hold the United States accountable for provocations arranged near the maritime borders of these two states, probably through the conduct of yet another large-scale military exercises, but already off the coast of the United States.

According to the Telegram-community Dambiev, we are talking about at least 10 surface ships.

"Chinese ships: destroyer (actually missile cruiser) pr.055" Nanchang "(101), destroyer pr.052D" Kunming "(172), frigates pr.054A" Binzhou "(515) and" Liuzhou "(573), ship complex supply of pr.903A "Dongpinghu" (902). Russian ships: BPK pr.1155 "Admiral Panteleev" (548) and "Admiral Tributs" (564), corvettes pr.20380 "Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov" (339) and "Loud" (335), and the ship of the measuring complex Project 1914.1 "Marshal Krylov" (331) "- said in the message.

So far, there are no official comments on this matter. At the same time, it was not possible to determine the current position of the group of ships and, as it is argued, probably of several submarines.

Threateningly, this is when the rocket is launched to fly over the territory of the United States. Even without landing)

Threatening means that any conflict, our countries will unite and resolve this conflict. NATO countries will not even have time to help.

This is already serious for the United States. There will be a lot of suicides in the United States before the "Russians are Coming" madness. Every day, up to 3000 die of covid is not enough for them.

Unbelievable, why menacing?

To Mexico to rest after the exercises

"Russia and China are preparing to respond to US provocations at their borders" read Russia and China succumbed to US provocations

Well! Now expect a childish surprise from the Americans.

Well? The main thing is if that where to bury the vessels? .....

How threateningly? With the jolly roger on the masts?