10 thousand Taliban terrorists are trying to take Panjshir by storm, but so far only suffer huge losses

The Taliban army began to storm Panjshir.

Tonight, the Taliban army of terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), And, according to preliminary data, there are 10 thousand terrorists, began to storm the Afghan province of Panjshir, which is still under the control of the resistance forces. It is known that the region is caught in a tight ring of terrorists. Even despite the very deplorable state of the Northern Alliance forces, the Taliban began to suffer only heavy losses, since in just a few hours the resistance forces destroyed from 200 to 400 militants, while the terrorists did not manage to enter the rebel-controlled area.

By the current hour, it is known that the Taliban are storming the Panjshir at once from all directions, intending thereby to break through the defenses of the resistance forces. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the militants did not immediately attack the Panjshir, the rebels managed to create fortifications, moreover, the loss of resistance forces in the last 6 hours amounted to only about 20 people.

Experts, in turn, believe that the Taliban will eventually take control of the Panjshir. The losses of the latter may turn out to be very serious, especially since the resistance forces earlier threatened to use aircraft to strike the militants. Obviously, we are talking not only about the use of attack aircraft and helicopters located in the region, but also those that are currently located in neighboring Uzbekistan.

Analysts note that if the resistance forces received support from other countries, the main forces of the militants would not only be defeated in just a few hours, but this would also allow them to regain control of most of the country.


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