The aircraft Be-200


12 new Be-200 aircraft will be handed over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations up to 2025 year

The Ministry of Emergency Situations will receive 12 new Be-200 airplanes within eight years.

Due to the fact that the use of Be-200 aircraft could completely and completely justify itself, it was decided to supply another 12 aircraft of this model to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. To implement the task is planned for 2025 year.

To date, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation owns modern technology, which allows it to deal effectively with any kind of natural disasters and catastrophes, and, by 2025, the efficiency of the ministry will increase many times, which is noted by both domestic and foreign specialists.

The 2018 should have received a new IL-76 on the promises of Puchkov. Have not received. Now they promise me again. But the pilots have been forgotten. There is no one to fly. Salaries of pilots in the Ministry of Emergency Situations do not contribute to the flow of personnel. With such salaries, some UAVs will soon fly.



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