An aircraft-12


An-12 made an emergency landing in the Chelyabinsk region

The military aircraft An-12, when approaching the landing, missed the runway.

According to the information available to the aviation portal, the aircraft received serious damage, while official sources clarify that the incident was originally caused by a failure of one of the engines, and already with an immediate descent for an emergency landing, the aircraft also failed the engine.

When landing at the airport in Chelyabinsk, no one was hurt, however, according to the airport employees, the air harbor had to be temporarily closed for receiving and dispatching aircraft.

Reasons caused the failure of two engines of military aircraft currently remain unknown, however, it is worth noting that the collapse of Tu-95, occurred in the Khabarovsk Territory this week, was also associated with the failure of all engines.

Currently on the facts of the case under investigation, thus, experts do not rule out that the culprit might be substandard fuel.

Broke the next plane climbed into the city



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