MiG-29 strike on the Turkish military
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MiG-29 strike on the Turkish military


12 Turkish F-16s began hunting 4 "Russian" MiG-29s in Libya

Turkey is sending 12 F-16 fighters to Libya to fight the "Russian" MiG-29s.

On December 10, 2020, taxiways and sites for the deployment of 12 Turkish Air Force fighters were spotted at the Al-Watia airbase (Libya), by a space satellite. At the same time, information appeared in the Turkish media that Turkey intends to transfer its F-16 fighters to Libya, allegedly due to the transfer of "Russian" fighters here (Russia rejected the transfer of its combat aircraft to Libya - ed. ) fighters MiG-29. Apparently, Ankara decided to start hunting for Russian-made fighters due to the fact that in the past three weeks they have destroyed almost the entire infrastructure of the Turkish military, including a hangar with drones, electronic countermeasures and air defense systems.

Experts suggest that sooner or later the MiG-29 fighters will indeed have to collide with the Turkish F-16s, however, even despite the fact that there are only 4 MiG-29 fighters and 2 Su-24 bombers in Libya, they bet to win the "Russian" aircraft.

“As the situation showed, under the powerful influence of electronic warfare, the twenty-ninths were not even detected, and given the weapons capable of hitting ground targets from long distances, combat aircraft would calmly return to the airbase even before the Turkish F-16s could climb into air and discover your targets ", - the specialist emphasizes, noting that under no circumstances will Ankara immediately raise all 12 fighters into the sky, since the latter will become easy targets for the air defense of the Libyan National Army.

The article can be called as, Squirrels (F-16) Began hunting for BEARS !!! (Mig29) whinnied !!!

Mikhail, Turkish F-16C block 50-52 modifications have electronic warfare systems against old Soviet complexes and are much more effective than the MiG-29 modification 9-12 supplied by Russia to Libya due to the AIM-120B missiles and more advanced radar. MIGs have little chance.

Sergei, as a retired air defense officer, I can advise you to communicate with professionals. From them you will get a lot of information about the F-16 maize. Even in the Soviet period, they were considered "targets for beginners," "no matter how you point them, drop them." Serious opponents were considered the SR-71 and cruise missiles on which the personnel were actually "trained" both on combat duty and at ranges
And for the F-16, the C-75 or Buk were enough. And against the C-300, the F-16 has zero chances.

MiG-29 fighter, with what fright did he work on earthly targets? There are attack aircraft and bombers designed for this. So I doubt the F-16s were sent for the MiGs.

The second Vietnam begins, the pilot of al-Abbas is at the helm !?

Place your bets, gentlemen?

Again about the miracle weapon of the last century, super instant 29! Shoot down at least one F16 first, and then shrink! So far, only su 24 have been knocked down and falling apart from old age

Turkey manufactures the F16 under license and has an impressive fleet of these aircraft.

Aircraft are operated by pilots and the quality of the work performed often depends on them. I hope that experienced pilots trained pilots as it should be, and not as usual in the Middle East, it seems like the technique is good, and the "dastarkhan" staff covered it while it was necessary to work ... Training and discipline will reveal the quality of technology.

It was necessary, then, to write:
- Turkey is sending 12 "AMERICAN" F-16 fighters to Libya to fight the "Russian" MiG-29s.

Finally, we will really see "who will win". Otherwise, it's all one apple-mirror talking shop :)



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