14 generals of the Armed Forces of Armenia put forward an ultimatum to Prime Minister Pashinyan

The generals of the Armenian Armed Forces issued an ultimatum to Nikol Pashinyan.

14 generals of the Armenian Armed Forces signed an open letter demanding that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan leave his post. The reason for the ultimatum is not only the lost armed conflict in Karabakh, but also Pashinyan's inability to soberly assess the situation and take appropriate measures, which may push the country's defense department to refuse to execute the decrees of the country's government. One of the reasons why the senior officers of the Armenian Armed Forces opposed the Prime Minister of Armenia is also the destabilization of the situation in the country.

“In the shortest possible time, it is necessary to form a new government from among literate and experienced people. It is necessary to set clear tasks for all government agencies, especially the army ", - said in an open circulation.

The Armenian government has not yet responded to the ultimatum announced to Pashinyan, but analysts assess the position of the Armenian Prime Minister as virtually hopeless, since today his rating is the lowest in his entire career.