15 fighters and 6 bombers demoralized the US Navy's Theodore Roosevelt crew by flying over a US Navy strike group

15 fighters and 6 strategic bombers flew over the American aircraft carrier.

A few hours ago, Chinese news agencies reported that the US Navy carrier strike group that approached the borders of the PRC was forced to stop moving because of the "lawlessness" organized by the Chinese aviation - 15 fighters armed with anti-ship missiles and 6 strategic bombers of the PRC H-6K Air Force , two of which were carrying hypersonic missiles, which are analogues of the Russian ARC "Dagger", flew over the AUG led by the aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt".

An attempt by the American military to demonstrate force to China led to the fact that the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China decided to respond to the American provocation with its military aircraft. It is known that six Chinese bombers flew several tens of kilometers from the aircraft carrier and accompanying warships, while 15 fighters flew just a few hundred meters from the carrier strike group, forcing the latter to stop moving due to the created danger be destroyed.

The United States has already reacted angrily to the actions of the military from the PRC, however, China emphasized that it would not allow any American presence at its borders and was ready to act radically - the PRC Navy was ordered to open fire in response to the slightest provocation, which, obviously, allows us to call the current actions of the PRC aviation "the last Chinese warning."

That's a normal article! Well, they could also illustrate it normally. Or at all then there was no need to put any photo. The Chinese N6 is an analogue of the old Soviet Tu-16s (their civilian counterpart is the well-remembered Tu-104 for everyone). And the photo shows the Tu-142. Our "Chinese friends" never had them.

Big aircraft carrier will not miss, well done.

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The aircraft carrier is large. Will fit a lot

well done Chinese, they are doing the right thing!

Didn't find a normal photo? Or were they counting on burdocks? In the photo in the photo there is a Tu-142, and not at all N6 (Tu-16)

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