British military


150 British special forces spotted 60 kilometers from Donetsk

British commandos were spotted only 60 kilometers from Donetsk.

Despite the fact that London announced that only 30 of its military specialists were sent to Ukraine to train the Ukrainian military in the use of NLAW systems, it became known that the number of British military personnel was underestimated by 5 times. To date, at least 150 British special forces are in the Donbass, namely, just 60 kilometers north-west of Donetsk.

As follows from the data of the media resources of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, at the moment it is known that a group of 150 British special forces is located in Kramatorsk and its suburbs. The appearance of the British military here is of serious concern, since earlier there was information that during the training of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine it is planned to conduct practical firing, probably, including on the territories of the self-proclaimed republics.

To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be armed with over 20 anti-tank systems of various types. At the same time, less than a day ago, another American aircraft arrived at the Boryspil airport, which delivered about 300 Javelin anti-tank missile systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ahead of the militias behind NATO, what to do?

in the rear of NATO, in front of the militias. Where to run?

There is no Afghan, you will not find a veil. They will run away in embroidered shirts and wreaths with poppies.

I'll tell you more, they have already entered Donetsk and Lugansk, and rented important administrative buildings, and also extended NATO diplomatic immunity to these buildings.

Try to capture them, on the sly, and then set them up for everything and show them in all their glory, finally crawled out from behind the broad back of the Americans toadies who build nasty things the most, to everyone in this conflict, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the British delivered chemical and biological weapons to Ukraine .. , this is their crown, use disgusting things and make a movie about white helmets ..!

in the UK hundreds of Boshirovs run

And why don't you report about the Lithuanian special forces, seen a thousand kilometers from Donetsk? And about the special forces of Poland? And why are you silent about the special forces of Armenia?

After the German bombs in London, the British are very friendly with the Germans, the Japanese with the Americans.
We, the Poles, Czechs and Balts, after the war, gave bread, provided a peaceful sky over their heads, and as a result - Russophobic gratitude and a demand to repent. Although the world may not endure Russian repentance, it does not matter, because it is time for us to realize the "true" path, and make friends with the main instigators - the Anglo-Saxons.
It doesn't matter, because everything will pass, everything will be forgotten, but friendship will remain. Here the Germans remember: how did the Americans plan to drop a nuclear bomb on them after the war? No, but how they breathe ...