150 officials of the Government of Primorsky Krai received subpoenas to the military registration and enlistment office

Seaside officials received summons.

Partial mobilization, announced in Russia on September 21, 2022, also affected 150 officials of the Primorsky Territory. Information on this subject was voiced by the government of Primorsky Krai, noting that, along with ordinary citizens, officials also had to mobilize in accordance with applicable law.

According to Oleg Kozhemyako, mobilization activities are taking place in accordance with the existing plan, and people of various specialties are being removed from their jobs. This may require the retraining of those citizens who, due to some circumstances, did not fall under the draft. In addition, the situation has also affected officials who have already gone to the military registration and enlistment offices.

“As Oleg Kozhemyako clarified at a meeting with the heads of the municipalities of Primorye, mobilization concerns employees of various industries. The issues of replacing such people in the workplace have yet to be resolved. The possibility of retraining in demanded specialties for those who are not suitable for conscription by age is being considered. “We understand that businesses are losing employees. Machine operators are leaving the agricultural sector. People involved in the fight against emergencies are filmed directly from the facilities. But the security of the state comes first. Will have to replace, relearn. It may be necessary to close vacancies by those youth who have not yet been drafted. In the Government of Primorye, 150 people received subpoenas, they also went to the military registration and enlistment offices,” the governor noted.”, - the government of Primorsky Krai reports.

According to data available to the news agency, in the first day after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, about 10 people were mobilized.