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16-fold excess of radiation level near Severodvinsk called safe

Exceeding radiation levels at 16 times was considered safe.

According to Roshydromet, on 8 on August 2019 of the year, almost immediately after the explosion at one of the military facilities of the Russian Navy in Nenoks, the level of radiation increased by 16 times. An increase in radiation levels was recorded in 6 control points from 8, however, according to the arguments of the head of Atominfo, there was no danger to the population.

"The short-term excess of radiation levels recorded by Roshydromet during the explosion at a military training ground near Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk region did not constitute a danger to local residents", - reports "Tape", Referring to Alexander Uvarov.

According to Russian media, information about the increase in radiation levels in Severodvinsk was initially noted by Roshydromet.

Among other things, given the data that Rosatom employees died as a result of radiation exposure, the radiation dose they received could be 5000-8000 mSv, that is, at the epicenter of the explosion it was 30 million times the norm (0,2 μSv) .

It should be noted that given the current data, the situation in the region with the radiation background is normal.

And it is true. 16 times from the background - this is more at home if it is reinforced concrete ..

Radiation? What radiation !? Everything is calm in Baghdad!