16 Russian “Shell-S” destroyed in Libya turned out to be fake of the Turkish military

The number of shells destroyed by Turkish drones Pantsir-S decreased from 25 to 9 units.

The Turkish media, talking about the possible strengthening of the Haftar’s army with additional air defense equipment, unexpectedly stated that since the beginning of the year, the losses of the Libyan National Army amounted to 9 Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, although it was reported about a month ago that the LNA’s losses amounted to at least 25 complexes of Russian production.

“9 systems of this type have been destroyed by Turkish drones in recent months”- reports the publication "Mena Defense", citing sources in the Turkish media.

Where the losses of another 16 Pantsir-S air defense missiles went is unknown, however, given the information that has appeared, the previously published videos obviously turned out to be fake. Moreover, the armament of the LNA previously had no more than 12 air defense systems of this type.

“Give Erdogan the opportunity and he will announce that his drones also destroyed a whole squadron of fighters. Yes, the losses were indeed, however, the published evidence turned out to be mostly fake ”, - the expert marks.

Earlier, the LNA forces published a video on which you can see how the Pantsir-S complex successfully detects the Turkish drone from a distance of almost two tens of kilometers, and letting it closer, it successfully strikes with an anti-aircraft guided missile.