175 aircraft MS-21 already sold


175 aircraft MS-21 already sold

13 February. About. Demchenko, the head of the Russian aircraft company Irkut, said that the new version of the MS-21 aircraft is in fairly high demand. At the moment, there is already an order for the supply of one hundred and seventy five aircraft.

 According to Demchenko, more than half of the components of this aircraft are manufactured in our state. After the production and supply of PD-14 engines, by domestic manufacturers, the total mass of Russian components is 75 percent.

 In addition, the head of the corporation shared his plans for the near future. It is planned to send the first batch of aircraft after 2016 year. Recall that last year the head of the Irkut Corporation declared that the new version of the aircraft MS-21 Will be called YAK-242. According to the company's forecasts, the mass assembly of the new version of the aircraft will reach its maximum by 2020. At that time it is planned to produce no less than forty aircraft a year.

 Now, all the experts of the aircraft industry, make quite loud statements. They argue that in the near future the main buyers will be representatives of the so-called Asia-Pacific region. They plan that within two decades, this region will buy 12820 new civil aircraft. The total amount of purchases will be almost two trillion dollars.

 Thus, the Russian aircraft industry is beginning to reach a new level of its development. In addition, the range of buyers of domestic aircraft is expanding. Domestic experts assign a special role to the Asia-Pacific region. Now many Russian companies are directly cooperating with representatives of this region. For example, contracts have already been signed for the supply of a large number of domestic helicopters. 



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