18 additional American Himars MLRS to arrive in Ukraine during October

The United States has increased the supply of Himars MLRS to Ukraine to 42 launchers.

A few hours ago, the US military officially announced that Ukraine would receive 18 additional Himars MLRS from the Pentagon, which, taking into account the 24 systems of this type previously delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, indicates the fact that at least 42 launchers were transferred to Ukraine, and taking into account 9 systems M270 MLRS and 5 MARS II systems, the total number of installations for firing guided missiles M30 and M31 in service with Ukrainian troops will reach 56 systems.

It is known that the supply of Himars MLRS to the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be carried out over the coming month - in all likelihood, small batches of 4-6 launchers will be supplied in order to be sent to each of the directions. At the same time, sending such a large amount of weapons to Ukraine can lead to extremely serious consequences, since the effectiveness of such MLRS is quite high, and given the ability to fire in one direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to simultaneously fire up to 420 missiles, which poses an extremely serious threat .

Washington did not comment on what exactly the supply of additional Himars MLRS to Ukraine is connected with, however, obviously, the United States wants to intensify the escalation in the region against the backdrop of the intention of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to join Russia.


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