19 people were killed in the crash of the Mi-8 in Yamal

On Yamal crashed Mi-8.

On board an aircraft belonging to the air carrier 'skol"19 were passengers and three crew members, at the same time, 19 people were killed on the spot, while three more were taken to hospital in critical condition where doctors continued to fight for their lives.

It should be clarified that the causes of the tragedy yet remain unknown, however, the experts involved in the investigation of the crash is believed that the reason for all could contribute to three factors, among which are a violation of operation of the aircraft, technical failure and adverse weather conditions.

It is noted that due to the difficult terrain, the rescuers managed to reach the crash site is only a few hours.

When the Mi-8 refuse one dvigatel- helicopter continues its flight and on the other engine produces po- landing airplane. Everyone is alive!
When denied both engines - made autorotation landing on a breakdown of the tail boom - but are all alive!
In case of refusal the tail rotor helicopter uncontrollable and unpredictable. Final - in clear weather, the helicopter will be broken, but people can stay alive in adverse weather conditions - a catastrophe.
Struck by the fact that designers KB Mil manic impose overbearing State helicopters long outdated schemes with the tail rotor!