China fighters


19 fighters and bombers staged a massive raid on Taiwan, hiding behind Russian S-400s

19 fighters and bombers took part in a massive attack on Taiwan.

After another round of aggravation of relations between the PRC, Taiwan and the United States, it became known that the PLA Air Force had been practicing a large-scale strike on the island and the allied forces of Taiwan. Twelve J-12 fighters, two J-16 fighters, and bombers took part in the "attack". Most notably, the Chinese planes were covered by the S-11 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems recently acquired from Russia.

The practice of strikes by the PLA air force on Taiwan indicates that Beijing is considering the possibility of an early forceful restoration of control over the region. At the same time, the S-400 "Triumph" air defense systems purchased earlier from Russia provide protection of both the fighters themselves from the air defense systems of Taiwan and US ships located in this region, and from a possible retaliatory attack from Taiwan and the United States. Taking this into account, experts note that in China they trust Russian air defense systems, since today these complexes are the only ones among those adopted for service that are capable of intercepting targets flying even at hypersonic speeds, as previously reported by the Avia news agency .about already reported.

It is reported that the actions of the PLA Air Force infuriated the United States, however, Washington is powerless to do anything, knowing full well what the conflict with China will lead to, especially given the fact that the United States simply cannot oppose anything to Chinese weapons, but any provocation can lead to the most unpredictable consequences.

How much do you lobby for the interests of the United States, go there?

The Chinese are just great at learning how to sit on several chairs. The USA and Japan oppose themselves, I use loans and orders with might and main. They talk about a friendly attitude towards Russia, while, in violation of the law, buying up its resources for a pittance, printing the territory of Siberia on their school maps as occupied, depicting Russians as the last scum in games and local comics, giving all villains and maniacs Russian names - but telling, what important partners we are. Yeah, the wolf licked the ram ..