20 from 24 C-300 complexes, never reached Syria

Where did the 2,5 battalion of the Russian C-300 air defense systems, set in Syria, disappear?

Against the background of the combat deployment of the Syrian air defense systems C-300, previously supplied by Russia to this country, the specialists took the trouble to find out where 20 from 24 launchers disappeared.

According to previously submitted information. Russia was supposed to deliver three divisions of the C-300 air defense system to Syria, each of which includes 8 mobile launchers and related equipment (a command and control station, radar, loading machines, etc.), as indicated by a military diplomatic source.

However, as it turned out, in reality, the Syrian army was armed with one incomplete division of the C-300 air defense system, including 4 mobile launchers, as well as around 45 units of additional equipment (locators, PBU, etc.), which. By the way, the head of the Ministry of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, has already been announced.

Considering the previously made argument that in order to effectively protect Syria’s airspace, at least X-NUMX of C-7 divisions is required, the experts had a question as to whether Syria could repel the next large-scale blow, as in this case, the need for C-300 covered only by 300%.

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"Y. Kedmi: Russia is in no hurry to transfer control to C-300 to the Syrians"

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