Black Sea Fleet


20 Russian ships blocked the approaches to Crimea, intercepting foreign ships

Russia blocked the approaches to Crimea with a military fleet of 20 ships.

After the United States and Great Britain announced their intentions to send their warships into the waters of the Black Sea, it became known that Russia took a rather non-standard step and blocked all existing approaches to Crimea with a military fleet of 20 ships. The actions of Russia infuriated Washington, which just sent its US Coast Guard warship to patrol the northern part of the Black Sea.

“The US condemns Russia for blocking vast waters with 20 ships and intercepting foreign ships during missile launches. In addition, Washington also dispatched the USCGC Hamilton to the Black Sea to show its support to its regional partners during a period of escalating tensions with Russia. Prior to that, the USCGC Hamilton coast guard crossed the Atlantic with two other USCGC patrol boats Charles Moulthrope and USCGC Robert Goldman. Having reached the Mediterranean Sea, the group of ships split into two directions - USCGC Hamilton crossed the Turkish Bosphorus to enter the Black Sea, and the remaining two ships headed to the port of Manama in Bahrain. ", - reports the publication "Soha".

Apparently, it was the withdrawal of two dozen ships into the sea that became the reason why reconnaissance aircraft and drones of NATO countries are actively flying over the Black Sea, however, thereby Russia demonstrated its readiness to use the power of its fleet to protect borders and counter provocations.

It seems to me that while we are not going to heat them, they will continue to climb to us. Or take prisoner and do not give up the ships. You can arrange hotels in them. For fans of extreme sports, or remake and give to fishermen. Of course, everything is for aerial photography or satellite photography to prove it is right.

Yes, this is the Russian Sea, and twenty ships are not enough for such an area.

Whether you like it or not, this is the Russian Sea

Exactly and to the point!

Speaking right!

I have three sons, officers of the Navy. And I am very proud of that. This is our sea. Let America guard its shores.


You alone seem to be the smartest here

Yes Yes Yes!

And it can be scary there, in a storm, for example, or in an emergency situation. He served in the Navy, the feeling is indescribable! ChF 96-98)))

It's time to daggers

I totally agree. We need to conduct exercises in the waters of the Atlantic. Oh, and there will be a squeal.

No need to repeat the lessons of 1941!

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Endurance, the ability to wait and, at the right moment, at which no one expects, to make an instant throw and knock out the enemy is the task of any fighter, which the VVP possesses masterly. The protection of our borders, and therefore the state, is the primary task of the authorities, which was shown to the aggressors. warned more than once, and now the enemies realized that the jokes were over and the Sovereign of Russia was determined, and he had enough courage and courage, determination to raise an army to defend his homeland! Russia! Putin! GOD!

You have to scare them with missiles, otherwise they have completely lost their fear.

keep it up

The fleet will find everything, boys keep you ahead

Exactly! And the allowance and pension of the sailors should be at least three times more than on land! All of us - who where, and the sailors on the forefront, facing danger, and even in the waters, defend peace on our land. Thank you and your mothers for raising you - our defenders.

Laughing furious "US Coast Guard warship." in the Black Sea.

We did it right: where is the United States and Britain and where is Crimea?

Have you read the article carefully?

What are these ships doing - American, British, Spanish in the Black Sea, which is not in their waters, borders ??? What have they forgotten here and why are they meddling in their own business? Why are they violating our peace and quiet near our Russian borders? Why are these provocations carried out? Our nerves and patience can also burst!

Bravo, to the Black Sea Fleet, bravo !!!!!!


It is necessary to conduct exercises over them. This is a free app ... To teach

The Black Sea is not our inland sea. Whether we like it or not, until a ship has entered our inland waters, we will have to swallow it.

Do not figs they do in our seas, the United States is everywhere its nose pokes, if you are angry they))))

In general, what the US Coast Guard ships have forgotten as much as 6 thousand km in the Black Sea. It seems like the coast was beguiled.