Passengers at the airport


200 passengers could not fly about 10 hours from Simferopol

The airline "Ural Airlines" more than ten hours could not deliver passengers from Simferopol to St. Petersburg.

According to the information received by aviation resource from passengers who were forced to stay in the Simferopol airport for a long time, the air carrier representatives did not even report what caused the long delay, referring to the fact that in the near future this the problem will be solved.

Later, when the passengers were still invited on board the aircraft, it became known that the reason for the aircraft’s many hours of delay was the impossibility of making the departure of the aircraft from the capital’s airport; and were not commented on by the management of the airline "Ural Airlines".

Experts note that the long delays in flights have the most negative impact on the rating of airlines, and the most frequent reason for such circumstances is the fault on the part of the air carrier, which did not provide the most efficient conditions for passenger transportation.


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