21% of Ukrainian men fled the country after the start of the SVO

21% of Ukrainians illegally left the country after the start of the SVO.

According to a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, 21 percent of Ukrainians have friends or relatives who illegally fled the country after the start of a special military operation in the country.

Survey participants were also asked if these people would return to Ukraine. 29 percent of respondents are confident they will return, while 44 percent believe they are likely to return if Ukraine is safe. Less than a third of those surveyed indicated patriotism as one of the reasons for a possible return. Overall, employment, family ties, habitual lifestyle and security are the most frequently cited reasons for a possible return.

It is important to note that in Ukraine, men of military age are prohibited from leaving the country due to martial law introduced earlier by Zelensky, and the procedure for leaving is regulated by a presidential decree. Previously, Ukrainians also faced difficulties in migrating to other countries and often found themselves in a bureaucratic trap.


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