An-24 not see the strip in Domodedovo


An-24 not see the strip in Domodedovo

22 January 2014. According to data provided to Interfax by the Ministry of Transport of Russia within the Central Federal District, the passenger An-24 it was not possible to land at the right place at Domodedovo airport. The liner landed to the right of the right strip. According to the latest information, the passengers and the crew are all right.

Pskov airport sent to the sky An-24 in 6: 09 to Moscow. He, in turn, was supposed to come on schedule in 8: 19 Moscow time. A spokesman for the press service said that the reason for this improper landing was, in advance, a fog. The flight was serviced by Pskovavia.

In 8: 19 Moscow time, according to the schedule, the plane arrived to the airport, but made an incorrect landing in Domodedovo with 20 people, including four people from the air staff and 16 passengers. Thanks to the correct work of the entire crew, no one was hurt.


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