En-24 towed to the parking lot

January 23 2014. Aircraft grade An-24who arrived yesterday morning from Pskov, has already been towed. Since the weather conditions were not entirely successful for the flight, and fog was traced, the plane landed not on the runway, as expected, but on the ground near it. The Pskovavia airline served a regular flight from Pskov to Moscow.

Only recently it became known that the plane was already at one of the stops at Domodedovo Airport.  

According to ITAR-TASS not a single person from among the passengers and members of the air staff was hurtAnd there were 20 people, four of them - with the crew. Upon arrival passengers immediately taken to the building of the Domodedovo airport terminal.

The press service of Moscow's Domodedovo airport said that the cause of the incorrect landing weather conditions become not and poor adhesion with the band, as they were in the normal range at the time of landing.

Because of the current situation, the reverse evening flight to Pskov, this airline was not.

Among the latest details of the incident on the runway Domodedovo it is known that at the time of landing on the ground passenger airliner An-24 ruled by Alexander Tumanov, who is currently the CEO of "Pskovavia". Some sources say that the problem was a gust of wind, which swept away and the plane.

In the words of Igor Silchenkova, chairman of the Pskov Committee on Transport and Communications, director of airline all know how very experienced pilot. He called all happened by chance, from which no man is immune.


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