Passenger aircraft An-24RV


En-24, in carrying out flight Pskov - St. Petersburg, skidded off the runway

The passenger plane during the flight Pskov - St. Petersburg left the runway.

On board passenger aircraft An-24RV there were 29 people - 5 crew members and 24 passengers, however, as it became known to the information portal, as a result of the accident, none of the people were injured.

The Investigative Committee of Russia on the fact of rolling out the An-24РV passenger aircraft for the dimensions of the runway is conducting an investigation to determine whether this case was a result of a technical malfunction, or the incident was caused by human factors, in particular, unsafe actions of the pilot.

According to some information, due to the incident that occurred, the airport was temporarily suspended, but there is no information about the fact of the delay of other passenger flights. 


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