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2,6 million passengers flew to Crimea by domestic airlines

Russian air operators transported 7 million passengers to the Crimea for 2015 months 2,6.

During the reporting period, the highest demand for flights from Russian cities to Simferopol was used in June and July - more than 676 thousand tickets were sold in June, and 896 thousand tickets were sold by Russian airlines in July.

At the moment, 8 Russian air carriers fly to Crimea, in particular, such airlines as Aeroflot,Icarus","Red Wings"," Ural Airlines ","S7 Airlines"," Orenburg Airlines ","Alrosa"And" Yamal ", which fly on 34 main routes.

Based on the opinions of experts, the information resource became aware that since August, the number of air tickets sold to the Crimea will be reduced to about 500 thousand, however, despite this, it is expected that for a year, the number of passengers carried will be about 4,2 million .

It is not excluded that in the near future foreign airlines will also organize direct flights with the Crimea, which will allow increasing the passenger turnover of the Simferopol airport to 5 million people a year.


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