British Air Force fighter


28 British aircraft blocking Russian air defense, air force and warships in the Black Sea and the Kola Peninsula

At least 28 British Air Force warplanes have been spotted near Russian borders.

London decided to deliberately go to the aggravation of relations with Russia and began an unprecedented military operation near the Russian borders, thereby affecting Russian sovereignty. According to the British media, at least 28 military and combat aircraft are taking part in a large-scale military operation, the goals and objectives of which have not been announced. As follows from the data of a number of sources, the British military aviation is trying to jam Russian air defense systems, to interfere with the movement of military aircraft and warships.

“British warplanes and ships have significantly increased the intensity of patrolling along the Russian borders in order to find the weaknesses of the Russian defense and to be able to exploit them in the future, writes The Sunday Times. The authors consider this operation to be unprecedented. Thus, 28 aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain were spotted in the Black Sea region and off the coast of the Kola Peninsula. Typhoon, Voyager tanker aircraft, Sentinel reconnaissance and strike control aircraft, RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft and Boeing E-3 Sentry early warning aircraft were identified in the sky. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

The situation near the Russian borders is currently very tense, since there are also warships of other NATO member countries, strategic aviation and reconnaissance aircraft are flying, which forced Russia to take retaliatory measures to protect the Crimean peninsula, close part of the waters and air space, sending at least 20 warships into the waters of the Black Sea.

This is exactly what is happening on the Black Sea with 21 Caucasus exercises, who can they block there?

Joke. 1941 a Jewish neighbor calls his neighbor: - Abrasha, Abrasha, you heard the war began. Well, Abrasha answers Moishe - Well, INTO, Ivan went to work and not worry. Moishe: - so, sho Ivan, he took a gun and went to war, but we still live.

What have you done for the state?

Monerheim never told me that. Told you?

As Monnerheim said, before spending huge money on defense, create a standard of living in which people would like to defend it! Now ask yourself, what did the state do for this?

So maybe they are just waiting for this?

It's like an old joke, guys, I caught a bear, so drag him here, just a little, he won't let me in! So the Anglo-Saxons are allegedly blocking Russia!

Yes, nothing. As always, we will remain silent and swallow ...

Wait another minute. Soon they will send you and me to the front, there you can personally show your western neighbors where they belong)

"Let Shoigu speak and not Lavrov."
not Shoigu and not Lavrov, but Medvedev
he was the only one who was able to quickly end a rather serious conflict during his presidency

If our people do not fight back, do not show who is the boss here, then tension and provocations will only intensify. Let Shoigu speak and not Lavrov.

Do you need skoko Poseidonchikov to wash off this island? And you don't need to fly there ...

And how many Poseidons are needed to wash off this island ...

For example, nuclear charges can answer ...

I don’t believe ---- these military stools lied in order to lure more money for the defense industry Why would the British fight the Russian Federation when our elite are citizens of the United Kingdom We are now for them like India before --- an Austind company

Zhukov also said: Britain from time to time forgets that She is an island state. I should remind you.

How much can you talk !!!!!! Just publish one Memorandum -When an attack on the Russian Federation, in response, the annexation of the entire territory of the attacker and business

It is understood that our air defense system is being hacked in order to suppress the radar and subsequent destruction

So the Russian Aerospace Forces should simulate a massive raid of Russian bombers on foggy albion. Toot for tooth ...

It was renamed Crimean. Away from sanctions. Let them suffer now

You read it correctly and then write a comment.

To the right of Kamchatka!

Read carefully "and" or not Russian - then a discount.

Where the Russian-British border lies.

As Piglet said in the famous cartoon: "It seems to be raining ...". And the Kremlin did not have a crisis of power at the right time.

In the area of ​​the Black Sea and the Kola Peninsula. Read carefully.

Does the loop contract? How will our commander-in-chief answer?

Thank God that they are all here and there will be no need to chase them around the world.

Where is the Kola Peninsula in the Black Sea?