3 attack drones tried to attack the US airbase

The largest American airbase in Iraq was attacked by three attack drones at once.

At least three strike unmanned aerial vehicles attempted to deliver a series of strikes on the US military airbase Balad, located in Iraq. According to the news agency, the drones were spotted by US military air defense systems, however, they failed to shoot down the drones - they fled in an unknown direction.

At the same time, according to the information provided by Russian journalist Akim Apachev, the type of drones was not established, while neither the US military nor the drones themselves that took part in the attack were injured.

“This morning, 3 UAVs approached the US Balad Air Base in Iraq. Fire was opened on the drones from the ground, which forced the UAV to retreat. The personnel of the airbase, as well as unidentified UAVs, were not injured.- reports Akim Apachev.

Despite the fact that it was not possible to establish the type and ownership of unmanned aerial vehicles, with a high degree of probability either pro-Iranian groups, which had previously put forward an ultimatum to the US military about the need to withdraw troops from Iraq, or Iran itself, which is more than likely, are behind the attack.

These, apparently, were all three drones of the Iranian Air Force.

Well, put a photo of a quadrocopter so that people are misled