Hainan Airlines Airline


30 man suffered when a Chinese aircraft hits a turbulence zone

If you get a Chinese airliner severe turbulence, injured at least 30 people.

According to the information available to the editors of the portal Avia.pro, airliner Airbus A330-200, Belonging to the Chinese air carrier "Hainan Airlines", During a regular flight from Chengdu to Beijing, it fell into a zone of severe turbulence, and according to some information received from the pilots of this aircraft, when it fell into the" air hole ", the aircraft lost control for several seconds.

The incident occurred on the eve of the day, while an emergency situation arose already with the direct preparation of the aircraft for landing at the airport in Beijing, at an altitude of 4200 meters.

It is reported that as a result of severe turbulence, 23 people were seriously injured, who were hospitalized in local health facilities, and another 7 people refused to provide assistance, citing only that the bodily injuries caused to them are not significant.


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