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350 Taliban killed and 40 more captured by Afghan resistance forces

The Taliban lost 350 militants in a day, and another 40 were captured by the resistance forces.

This morning, representatives of the Panjshir resistance forces reported significant losses in the ranks of the terrorists. Initially, this information seemed very dubious, however, later it was indeed confirmed that about 350 terrorists of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Were destroyed, and another 40 militants were taken prisoner. ... The reason for this failure of the terrorists was the falling of a large group of militants into yet another ambush by the rebels.

Recently, the statements of the resistance forces arouse great admiration, since since the moment the Taliban actually occupied Kabul, the terrorists have lost about 2,5 militants in clashes with the Northern Alliance, which is a subdivision of the remnants of the Afghan army and volunteers. Moreover, even the most trained Taliban terrorist units could not influence the situation in any way, although the resistance forces still have attack aircraft and helicopters, which are planned to be used against terrorists in the event of a real threat from the latter.

It should be noted that the Taliban are aware of the deplorable situation and therefore are trying to cover up their unsuccessful attempts to storm the uncontrolled territories with new ultimatums, which are simply ignored by the resistance forces.


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