Night strikes


4 MiG-29 fighters bombed an American military base

Four fighters attacked a US military base in eastern Syria.

Tonight, a group of four fighter jets launched a series of rocket attacks against the largest US military base in eastern Syria. According to the Syrian news agency AlBadia 24, the strikes came after reconnaissance by an unmanned aerial vehicle. This is probably due to the unwillingness of aircraft to "shine" in front of American radar and air defense systems. Apparently, during the attack, a powerful electronic suppression of the entire region was carried out. This is also evidenced by the lack of satellite and mobile communications, GPS malfunctions, etc. Taking into account all the data presented, the attack could have been carried out by Syrian MiG-29SM fighters, which are armed with not only long-range guided missiles, but also powerful electronic warfare systems.

“An unidentified drone was spotted near the Al-Tanf military base, located within 55 kilometers of the international coalition's zone of control in the Syrian triangle, on the border with Iraq and Jordan, just before the strikes. 4 combat aircraft inflicted airstrikes ", - reports the Syrian news outlet.

It should be noted that earlier MiG-29 fighters have already been able to prove themselves in the fight against enemy radar and air defense systems. In particular, we are talking about Libya, where a pair of unknown MiG-29 fighters destroyed the positions of the Turkish troops - the planes were detected only visually, since the air defense systems did not show any air targets.

It is noteworthy that neither the aircraft nor their identity has yet been identified. Several features in the satellite imagery indicate that the attacks on the US Armed Forces base were indeed carried out.

in Russian, cheerfully, soberly, with an onslaught, tomorrow, they will be able to carry out reconnaissance also by planes!

and you were there, drinking milk.

Regular fairy tales. The attacks on the base were either delivered or not (SOME data allow us to say that they may have been ...), not a single American was hurt, as was the equipment. And the author of the message was just dreaming about an air strike on Israel, although there is not the slightest reason for that. Israel puts the troops in a special position in case of any aggravation in Syria, what's new?



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