The Su-25


4 "superturmovik" replenished videoconferencing Russia

Russian pilots received a "super assault".

Four combat aircraft entered the Southern Military District. This is a new version of the tactical attack aircraft Su-25CM3. Until the end of 2019, the regiment of the VKS, stationed in the Stavropol Territory, should receive a second batch of such deeply modernized aircraft.

According to RIA Novosti, the entire fleet of Su-25 attack aircraft can be upgraded, that is, we are talking about almost 200 aircraft.

Because of the characteristic shape of the nose and cockpit, the pilots call this car the “Rook”. The attack aircraft participated in operations conducted in Afghanistan. There he was usually called the “flying tank”. Su-25 has not only good firepower, but also high "vitality". There are cases when, after completing a combat mission, he returned to the base with 150 holes.

In a modernized aircraft, such qualities are not only preserved, but also multiplied. Due to this, the pilots gave him another nickname "Supergrach." As explained by the press service of the Southern Military District, an aircraft equipped with a modernized guidance system is capable of launching missiles or dropping bombs while it is far from the target. Maybe he strikes and because of the clouds. For this, the pilot only needs the exact coordinates of the target. The use of more accurate ammunition and modern electronics, as well as the Vitebsk airborne defense complex, ensures Su-25CM3 combat readiness is twice as efficient as the basic version of the attack aircraft.

Su-25MX3 is the second version of a thorough modernization of the aircraft. The previous version of the Su-25SM showed high results in Syria, but just the use of the aircraft in a real battlefield was a hint to ways to further improve it.