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400 aircraft of Russian airlines do not meet the requirements of Rosaviatsia

Most airliners in the Russian Federation do not meet the requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency

The Vedomosti publication, citing sources in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and several airlines, reports that in the country more than 50 percent of passenger liners operated on passenger traffic are in a state that does not meet the requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency and the General Prosecutor's Office. The number of such aircraft is now in Russia is 400 units. At the same time 10 machines stopped using.

The reason why such a number of aircraft was banned is the new requirements of Rosaviation for certification of aircraft introduced this year.

Restrictions touched on airliners leased on the secondary market, in cases where airlines have made structural changes to them. This is due to the fact that a number of air carriers rework planes "for themselves." For example, the number and location of seats in the cabin changes, the economy class increases and the business class decreases. Change the number of kitchens, and sometimes radio stations.

The Chicago Convention, signed by Russia, stipulates that for such alterations, aircraft must be certified in the country where they are registered. Quite often such countries are the Bahamas and Ireland. Rosaviatsiya in 2019, the year began to require that these aircraft were licensed in Russia.

In order for the converted aircraft to be exploited, the airlines will have to obtain new licenses.