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460 missiles launched in Israel forced Netanyahu to declare a truce

Israel was forced to declare a truce, because of the 460 missiles launched throughout the country from the Gaza Strip.

During 25 hours, at least 460 rockets and about 120 mines were fired across Israel, as a result of which the cities and towns were literally engulfed in flames. The exact number of victims and victims of the Israeli authorities is not called, but according to data that appeared on Twitter, about three dozen Israelis were killed, and about two hundred were seriously injured. All this forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a temporary truce, during which he promised not to strike back at the Gaza Strip if rocket attacks were stopped.

Palestinian media reported that against the background of the actual capitulation of Israel, protests erupted in a number of Israeli cities and settlements, during which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was demanded to resign because he did not protect Israel’s interests, chanting “Bibi go away! ”(Bibi - nickname for Benjamin Netanyahu - approx. red.)

It should be clarified that The Israeli Dome (“Iron Dome”) air defense system demonstrated extremely low effectiveness in intercepting missiles launched from the Gaza Strip, reflecting only a quarter of them..

Not all Jews are Jews. And not all Jews are Jews. The Jew was expecting from the word, but they would not wait - the one with whom they made the Covenant deceived them. Khan them.

+ 100% Briefly and concisely.

Why are you so ... and the GDP and Lavrov constantly say that Russia is a multinational country and has a lot of confessional and there is evidence of that ... USSR managed to destroy America, but the borders remained the same..and Russia remains the receiver of the USSR in all respects so it's not over yet ... NOD, led by Fedorov, is working on changing the Constitution and the country's acquisition of sovereignty ... as soon as this happens, much will change !!! God forbid health GDP, so that all had time to realize ...

Well, probably not everything in the article is true and somehow I can’t believe that such a small number of inaccurate missiles can cause such damage. But the fact that the Dome missed a lot of missiles is true. And there will be even more, since everyone learns and the attack will always win the defense. But this is not what I wanted to write about. I am very respectful of the Jewish people and almost bowing before it, I would like to remind you that the Gaza Strip is disgustingly similar to the Jewish ghettos of the times of BB2. And somehow, imperceptibly, the Jewish state lost its sense of proportion. Violence bears fruit only in the case of complete destruction of the enemy, otherwise you will receive a mortal enemy who clenched his teeth is waiting in the wings. And he will wait for him, even if today it seems impossible. And what will happen then? ... Today we need to think about it. I would love to go to Israel, find and visit there old friends, however, probably in this life will not work. Therefore, all the good that I could do for Israel, I have already done.

I agree with you on all 100 ... everything is right ...

Bravo! Everything is very correct .. it was very pleasant to read against the background of some unrelenting and angry speeches ... sorry, I can’t say otherwise ... sometimes it's better to remain silent than to write this ... thanks for the wonderful and truthful comment.

Jews tezhe Arabs only they decided that the most smart-ass

I read jolly "komenty", was glad, as well, that all the fools gathered here and in one place, and did not crawl away. But it would be more difficult ...
We read:
I came to a woeful opinion
from the observations of many years:
all the scum is prone to unity,
and all decent - no!
This is probably written by a Jewish poet! This is exactly about the "local" Neanderthals ...

What is your purpose in telling Allah Akbar?

Sufferer, what country do you live in? Who banned your national language? And what kind of economy destroyed? And the fact that we are Russian, but we have always been proud of it and continue to be proud !!!

What a strange name for you, Ivan?

Well done to the Palestinians! That's how it is necessary to talk with the "partners". It’s nice to fuck them up in a blatantly "faceted" face-in-a-moment God's chosen people take off ... I really hope that our people helped the Palestinian brothers !!!

the Jews understand only the boot ... you know well they immediately become sheep

The decision on Afghanistan at the end of 80-x was not taken by the Russian authorities!

The Lord is a victim of the Holocaust, the thought is material, you call upon your own misfortune.

That's right, you said, if it were not for the USSR, the mio had long since rolled under the feet of the Zionists, and he was holding himself up until 1993, and was betrayed by the Jews from the CPSU Central Committee and the KGB. The Jews have occupied their lands and the Jews must answer for this!

Max are you from Ukraine?

Some kind of panopticon gathered, are there adequate at all?

Allah akbar the Jews. From the Nazis, you are not much different. Boomerang in the form of your neighbors will fly you a very long time. Until you are again dispersed throughout the world. And the lands of Israel will not return to their original Arab owners.

agree with you.

The final Holocaust is coming, it is inevitable.

There was no full-scale war in Afghanistan. there were military operations of a different nature in some areas of the country. if you still do not understand this, you are either a moron who doesn’t know our history, or a lover of trolls, or a liberator. choose The army carried out its tasks with dignity, with all the abuses and betrayals above. one has to be the last one in order to declare that the USSR lost the war in Afghanistan. our Moscow politicians and Kremlin whores surrendered. if it were not for ours in Afghanistan, he would have experienced the fate of Libya, Iraq, Syria, and all this is near our borders. everyone was behind the river, but the army defended the interests of the country. and the army and the country betrayed. and any scum that even did not serve in the army is now passing its own sentences.

How much do you saliva? Do not choke on your anger and powerlessness.

Mobilize reservists and hit so that it does not seem a little.

"Or did I miss something?"

So you are not "Ivan," but a mandel!
Gids are those who have tasted the forbidden "fruit" in paradise, becoming the most intelligent and cunning. For that, the Lord cursed you. The execution of this curse by other nations against you, you call anti-Semitism.
But the curse on you from the Lord will not be lifted until you are completely destroyed.
Therefore, for you, Russians have become ojev; enemies but hatred on the fact of its existence.

So the Jews took the land from the Arabs, saying "they said some god gave it - in the best traditions of the gangsters-reketirov" and now they are surprised by the missiles in response - the height of cynicism and meanness

Max. Learn a story. We have not lost the war in Afghanistan. It was going hard (although, at that time, at the then (global) level of military technology, and the USA, in our place, would lead it comparable in severity and losses), but SUCCESSFULLY.

And we left Afghanistan without losing. But because the hunchbacked (Gorbachev, if you do not understand) wanted to curry favor with the West.

So forgive. There was no loss. The treachery of the Brokeback sold to the USA was, there was no "loss".

Just a knight heavily sealed in armor, with a heavy spear and shield, the knight successfully, on his heavy horse, pushing and crushing the enemy, was forced to obey a criminal order from above, to undress to the goal, and surrender.

Do not sell the humpbacked United States ... The war in Afghanistan would have ended with our victory (everything went to it: we won to the displeasure of the United States).

Learn the story at your leisure. And take it easy.

Humpback, I agree, a traitor (betrayed, including our soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and WINNERS: betrayed and devalued everything they earned with their blood), but not Russia.

And certainly Russia, no matter how much you want it, did not lose anything.

She, voluntarily (by order of Brokeback), stopped (to the delight of the West) a SUCCESSFUL, I repeat, operation (yes, a difficult, but SUCCESSFUL).

Well, according to the news ...

I look like this, to one of the most cruel and warlike nations (we read the Bible), the Jews, they are not very lucky now ... It is yes ...

Russia stopped tolerating their antics, and gave them a white, fluffy, animal, in the form of c-300 in Syria (and the Jews can only bleat militantly: they cannot do anything, want, but cannot, it remains only to jump in impotent rage).

And the Palestinians won, with success, roasting them with rockets ... And all the Jewish "iron domes" give a blunder (I would not be surprised if it turns out that they are already, stupidly, partially destroyed, and they hide it from the media).

Yes, and even, before delivery with-300 to Syria ... Not to say that they, the Jews, were very lucky ...

Downed planes (the fact of which they wanted to hide, but photographs and materials leaked to the media, and the Jews had to make and talk that “everything is wrong, and not that way” ...; but how many things did not leak out ...; well, you understand ...) take.

And how many there were any reports of allegedly “successfully repulsed attacks” accompanied by Judean photographs on which there were consequences of the uniquely SUCCESSFUL strikes (and not what the Jews said) ...

Therefore ...

Well, how did the Jews want .. ?? create LIH, arm it. To plunge into the chaos of all their enemies: Syria, Iraq, Turkey (almost succeeded). And then while the Shiites cut the Sunnis quietly Shabbat celebrate .. ?? I believe Israel will have to pay for the creation of ISIS, for the genocide of the Palestinians. For the killing and bombing of peaceful Syrians. During the bombing of the troops of Assad fighting terrorists on its territory. For the treatment of ISIS sheep. For all this time will come to pay. And the Arabs with the Persians will take their pay.

Schaub started there every day and every next doubly. already got everyone.

These are your palitikans of the Russian Federation fascists stuffing you with fake shit about foreign countries, and you are swallowing everything relishly licking zombie and naive dolls, licking black beasts. Yes, if there were such a number of Israelis among the Israelis, then the Palestinian Arabs would no longer exist with their fucking gas sector.

Your economy ruined it in the sense that they stopped feeding you? So you all at the beginning of 90's shouted that you were Russian, I mean Russians, feed them and if there are no parasites, you will heal like sheikhs. And on the exhaust that?

Well, about the fact that: “you will see then that where the Russians are, victory is there, it was, is and will be.”, You obviously got excited, you were our patriot. Our USSR lost the war in Afghanistan, besides, leaving it to the mercy the fates of all those Afghans who believed in the promises of the USSR to build a socially just society there. As a result, many were killed, many "friends of the USSR" fled the country, some in the USSR, where they were not treated very well. The winners of the Sevastopol hotel in Moscow will confirm these words. Myth is that the Russians "don't abandon theirs" no longer true.

Thursday, you better not zamorarptstsya, but today look around you, you will see then that where are the Russians, there is a victory, so it was, is and will be. Yes, the states of meanness managed to destroy the USSR, but again, Russia has withstood! Consider the vaccination against meanness received and now knows the value of the west with his and your Nazism

Cyril, a liar, or a dregs, so that the moment is the same, it is you! In Ukraine, the Russian language is outraged even in everyday life, it is not studied in schools, it is not listed as the state second, radio and television give void quotas for broadcasts in Russian, even songs in Russian are forbidden!

Our plane to Israel is not going to sound like that yet ...

We talk all the time about Russia !!! And you are not Russian what to do in Russia? And all of you are prête and préte here .. Put things in order

In Soviet times, all the peoples living on the territory of the USSR were considered Russian, and therefore 20 ml was killed. Russians. Something I do not remember in the USSR or now in Russia prohibiting national languages ​​(I lived in Kazakhstan and there, in addition to the Russian language, they also taught Kazakh, my mother-in-law with the father-in fluent German. Do you want to fight with Russia? Modern Ukraine now how she speaks of war with Russia, what will bring it to her, time will tell, but now we can say that nothing good will continue to be worse.

What are your national languages ​​banned? Where? Economies destroyed by whom? When Putin declared himself a Russian Natsik, you, brehlo? For now, only Russian has been banned in western Ukraine. The economy is trying to destroy - Russian. Are you ready for war, non-Russians? excellent, some have already fought, after dropping the Russian yoke. Twenty years on the belly crawled through the mountains, those who survived remained chanting about love for Russia and Putin personally. So the troll of you is notable, almost the same as a liar.

All nationalities fought and suffered losses. But the contribution of the Russians to the victory was decisive and absolute, it was the Russian that was saved at the cost of millions of victims by the rest of the peoples of the USSR. Were it not for them, the fascists would have cut everyone down, a certain number of Slavs who are close in genotype to the Aryan type would be left as slaves. But all the rest - in the oven and on the lampshades with gloves. So all Russians need to say thanks and kowtow for their sacrifice for us.

Good lord what a terrible and false nonsense!
As a resident of Israel, I declare that only one person died.

Eh, DURA, YOU need to think about it, everything is forgiven to the Jews, even a plane with people, although you have to ask all these pilots in full, at least in jail closed for visibility, otherwise you’ll start to show how the Georgians start on Dutch heights . You need to hold on to Russian and you will be happy.

So are you Ivan or Ivanka?)) Or the daughter of an officer?)) Jewish ...

If 20 of millions of Russians died, then non-Russians did not fight? How did you get your "Russian" - "Russian world", "Russian house", "Russian ninja", Russian language, Russian culture? Okay, in Zomboyashika, all sorts of sheins, tokens, Petrovs, Solovyovs drown for Russians, now Lavrov began to say "Russians, Russians" after Putin declared himself a Russian Natsik. We are non-Russian for what to prepare? To war? We are ready. Reset the Russian yoke is our first priority. Banned our national languages, destroyed the economy. And here you are talking about Israel. Talk about your Russia.

Tired of enduring the Arabs of these Jews. Israel under the guise of a strategic partner of the United States. Arabs great!

And not to try on American weapons somewhere in Ukraine?

Yes Ivan, you missed something.)

Some kind of strange war between Israel and Palestine. From the territory of the latter, 5-7 of incomprehensible "rockets" somehow fly out, which even do not fall into the residential sector, but fall somewhere outside the outskirts of the city. Immediately from the Israeli side of Israel, a “retaliatory” strike is delivered from all trunks and dozens of peaceful Arabs are killed! And so repeatedly !!! What kind of war game ???

It has long been necessary in this way to herach across Israel, they would have ceased to bomb others, and our planes could be substituted in addition, and the heads would be returned ...

Now imagine if Iran and Hezbollah bang several thousand rockets? There is nothing left at all. the Palestinians are not even rockets, but already full of chaos. against Iranian ballistic not one "dome" will not stand

Yeah, and that through intermediaries this was done (by the Palestinians) does not dampen anyone. Israel will sweep away Gaza and all Arabs if it pleases, and no one will stop us !!!

It’s time to learn like two times two: it’s not Israel that is bombing Syria, but Iran’s arms, which the Iranian armed forces are transporting through Syria to Lebanon, which is shelling Israel with these weapons. Have you truncated? Now: who ever asked you to pity the Jews? You never regretted them and will not. This is on your genetic level. But the question is: why are you intentionally shitting Israel? Have you declared war on him? Something a single message on this account has not been received from anywhere. Or did I miss something?

As you have already pissed off the poor Jews, 2 million Jews died - this is the Holocaust, and 20 million Russian silent. The bosses in Russia sacrificed the 16 for the military to pinch the tail of Israel. For everything and everywhere, Russia is to pay with the lives of its soldiers. I do not think that it is good to kill civilians from any side. But Israel no one gave the right to bomb sovereign states, let him be ready for otvetku in recent years 20-30

Syria is still at war with Israel, as we are with Japan. Iran, hezbol and Russia are allies of Syria, guaranteeing Syria independence. Taking advantage of this, that Iran is an ally of Syria, Israel pursues its goals, although of course neither we nor Iran will fight with Israel. And I described it to you only 10% of the whole coil that is connected there.



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