Turkish military in Syria


5-kilometer convoy of Turkish troops entered the Syrian province of Idlib

A 5-kilometer convoy of military equipment of the Turkish Armed Forces entered the Syrian province of Idlib.

Tonight, a large convoy of military armored vehicles, (according to other sources, we are also talking about air defense systems), electronic warfare and MLRS, entered the Syrian province of Idlib. The convoy with military equipment, about 5 kilometers long, has at least 100 pieces of equipment, which, judging by the direction of movement, follows to the southern part of Idlib province, where the beginning of the first clashes between the Turkish army, pro-Turkish terrorists and Syrian troops is expected.

At the moment, the situation in Syria is very tense, as Turkish troops intend to launch an offensive from several directions at once. This could be a very serious problem for the Syrian army. The transfer of such a large number of armored vehicles to Idlib may indicate not only an attempt by Ankara to contain the attack of the Syrian troops, but also attack the positions of the SAA in order to gain complete control over the region. By the way, this is very doubtful, since thanks to the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the positions of terrorists will be actively destroyed, and the Turkish troops left without cover can be defeated by numerous strikes by the Syrian military.

Previously, the Syrian army intended to launch an offensive in Idlib about a month ago, but for various reasons, the SAA attack was postponed. Now this has led to quite serious difficulties due to the appearance of Turkish troops in the region.