50-year-old pilot died in the crash of the aircraft at an air show in Austria

During the air show in Austria, small-engine plane crashed.

Biplane, driven 50-ltny raft crashed on the eve of the day, at the same time, in terms of available information portal, the collapse of small-engine aircraft was due to the failure of the control system, which is also proved by the video shot by one of the witnesses of the tragedy. As a result, the crash killed the pilot - who arrived at the crash site, doctors have not been able to provide the necessary assistance to the man, as the wounds and injuries from being hit in the fall from a great height, were simply incompatible with life.

Currently, experts are trying to find out details of the incident of the crash, and according to preliminary information it became known that the culprit could be a technical fault caused by imperfections in the structure of the aircraft, although it is not excluded that the version that the plane crashed due to poor maintenance .


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