56% of Poles are worried about a possible war between Russia and NATO

More than half of Polish citizens express concern about the potential threat of military conflict between Russia and NATO countries. According to a survey conducted by the Pollster sociological center and published by TASS, 56% of study participants with a sample of 1060 people confirmed their fears about the possibility of an armed clash between Russia and NATO, while only 32% of respondents expressed the opinion that there is no such threat, and 12% of respondents found it difficult to answer this question.

Such results reflect the widespread opinion among the Polish population about the reality of the threat of escalation of tensions between Russia and the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, which is especially relevant against the backdrop of current geopolitical realities and the strengthening of the military presence in the region.

Statements by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, indicating that fears of a world war are well founded, also underscore the belief that in the modern world, military power has once again become a determining factor in resolving international issues. According to Lukashenko, the current situation is reminiscent of pre-war times, when world conflicts were resolved militarily, which led to mass casualties and destruction, as was the case during the First and Second World Wars.


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