MiG-6 31 entered service Syrian Air Force

Russia has put the Syrian Air Force supersonic fighter 6 MiG-31.

According to news Avia.pro, delivery of MiG-31 associated with the contract concluded between Russia and Syria back in 2007 year, while noting that the aircraft have already been delivered to the places of their dislocation, and soon will be used to perform tasks.

Russian MiG-31 are among the fastest in the world, which in turn suggests that the Syrian Air Force will have some advantage to repel the attacks of the terrorist group "Islamic State", as well as to protect their borders from the Turkish Air Force, the US and United Arab Emirates, which recently violated Syrian airspace, carrying out the bombing, as the government army positions, and the army of the "Islamic state."

Among other things, it is worth noting that in the near future the Syrian Air Force will receive two more MiG-31 fighters provided for by the previously concluded contract - it is assumed that this will happen before the end of the year.


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