Ship explosion


"6 minutes and nothing will be left from the US Navy ...": the latest Russian missile has become a threat to the US Navy

Russian missiles will be able to demolish the American fleet in just 6 minutes.

Despite the fact that Washington makes a key bet on its Navy, it became known that, if necessary, Russia can use the latest hypersonic missiles that can destroy the American fleet in just 6 minutes. We are talking about the rocket 3M22, which can reach speeds of almost 11 thousand km \ h, and is much better known under the name "Zircon".

“In the USA, it’s not without reason that they are afraid of Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles. To date, the interception of even ordinary supersonic targets raises a lot of questions, however, moving at a speed of 10-11 thousand km / h. Zircon hypersonic missile is a completely different reality for both existing and promising US air defense / missile defense systems. If necessary, the entire US fleet can be destroyed in just 6 minutes. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the United States agrees with this conclusion, in particular, the Military Watch publication notes that Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles will become a serious problem for the American Navy, and even taking into account the fact that Russia has a relatively small the number of warships capable of carrying these missiles.