6 Russian warships approached a distance of 18 kilometers to the borders of the United States

The Russian fleet managed to approach the US borders at a distance of 18 kilometers.

Despite the fact that the largest US military facilities in the Pacific are located on the Hawaiian Islands, it became known that a group of 6 Russian warships and one reconnaissance naval vessel managed to approach the borders of US territorial waters at a distance of only 18 kilometers ... At the same time, there was no opposition to the American military fleet.

Experts draw attention to the fact that a large group of warships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy managed to virtually covertly approach the very coast of the United States. According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, this fact was also hidden from ordinary citizens - it was originally assumed that Russian warships were at least 150-200 kilometers from the Hawaiian Islands. Later it turned out that the Russian warships came so close that they could be seen from the coast.

According to the Russian defense department, the key goal of the emergence of a group of Russian warships in this region is to conduct maneuvers. Experts draw attention to the fact that the exercises coincided with the tests of American hypersonic weapons in this particular region of the Pacific Ocean.


I wonder how to decipher this: In the Black Sea, we warn by training bombing of the intruder, which is the American destroyer, and according to the message, has climbed into our forbidden 3 km.
And off the coast of America, these 18 km in what status from the same concepts, do not poke your nose. Or they got out there in the Caribbean.

Repin's painting - "Swam"

Well, once upon a time they will test the 18-ton bonba, check the strength of the hull of our self-tope.

Did not wait?

... well, and checking the guidance systems for this "hyper";)