6 Russian submarines will ensure the security of Russia in the Black Sea

Against the backdrop of NATO's readiness to send three warships to the Black Sea, Russia will be ready to protect the borders with six submarines at once.

Six Russian submarines from the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy will take part in ensuring the security of Russian maritime borders against the backdrop of the existing threat of an armed conflict between Russia and the West. At the moment, it is known that the Spanish patrol ship El Meteoro, the Spanish frigate ESPS Blas de Lezo and, most likely, the American missile destroyer USS Ross are moving towards the Black Sea.

During the latest NATO-created provocation in the waters of the Black Sea, Russia launched six Varshavyanka-class submarines into the waters of the region at once, and although the latter carry a relatively small number of Caliber cruise missiles, it is almost impossible to detect these submarines, as the United States was convinced , and other NATO countries, although, in the event of aggression, Russian submarines will be ready to destroy any surface and underwater targets within a few minutes.

According to some information, part of the Russian submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy has already been withdrawn to the Black Sea. In the event of an additional threat, other submarines will also be ready to protect the Russian borders.

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Varshavyanka is a good boat for the 80-90s. But unlike modern boats, it cannot be under water for more than 2 days and therefore it is easily detected during a forced ascent.

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