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600 British commandos disgraced themselves by fleeing the Taliban

British special forces were forced to flee from Kabul.

After London sent 600 of its troops to Afghanistan to ensure the security of the Afghan capital, it became known that the British special forces not only failed to ensure the safety of Kabul, but, in fact, were forced to leave their positions and flee at the Kabul International Airport. beware that the Taliban will simply destroy them.

“London is so disgraced by sending its special forces to Afghanistan that now a number of questions arise as to whether Great Britain is as efficient as it was previously stated. The British military not only did not prevent the capture of Kabul, but in fact, completely demoralized, fled. ", - said the analyst

Official London has not yet commented on the flight of its military from Afghanistan, however, this will seriously affect the reputation of the British army, which, by the way, has already led to ridicule in the British segment of social networks.

“Our commandos turned out to be paper tigers. It's a shame, Mr. Wallace (Ben Wallace - head of the UK Department of Defense - ed.) "

“The formidable British army is fleeing the Taliban. Great Britain has not experienced such a shame for several hundred years.

It should be noted that the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Announced that the entire territory of Afghanistan is already under the control of the Taliban.

The British lion grew old and was banished from Pride to be eaten by hyenas.

It was clear that if they resisted they would be killed, 600 people and an army of thousands of fanatics, why die for someone else's land.

You are completely correct! Just negative comments (about the "cowardice" of the British, as well as the American special forces) to this article are written by those who saw the war in the movies or were at the headquarters at the headquarters, as well as propagandist agents under the control of the FSB.

The troops of the United States and England should not be confused with any other troops, they are hired workers' officers and soldiers, for them their own security is the basis of their earnings.

Why should they die in Afghanistan?

A little gray coward bunny jumped from a squirrel ...

you saw a warrior in a movie. do not talk about those who were bad beyond the river.

Soviet troops went out under the red flag with honor and dignity, and the Americans at night, like rats, ran ahead of their fear.

Complete nonsense writes BBB. Soviet troops left with their heads held high on their vehicles, and not like the Anglo-Saxons, abandoning everything and flying headlong out of Afghanistan

After all, you are likely to be paid for such comments of the same type.

Well done Afghans.

British Special Forces are ready to defeat any unarmed enemy. They will run away from any enemy if they have machine guns. They have basic training in running, so the Taliban will not catch up.

What the hell is flight ?? 4-5 months they say that they are withdrawing troops from the territory of Afghanistan when the forces of NATO and the United States were there the Talibans barely poked their heads out of the holes the USSR had when they entered Afghanistan they could not do anything and really flee and shame returned and with huge losses and why do they forget?



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