Emergency landing


An-74 made an emergency landing on its belly. Video

Transport An-74 made an emergency landing on the belly.

An-74 transport aircraft owned by the Armenian airline Mars Avia made an emergency landing on the territory of Mogadishu. The incident occurred due to a failure of the landing gear system, while the aircraft received virtually no serious damage, and the crew on board were not injured.

The purpose of the private flight to Mogadishu is still unknown, however, as can be seen on the presented video frames, the plane was practically not injured, which, obviously, is the merit of the pilots.

It is reported that at some point the aircraft had a landing gear failure system, in connection with which, the crew decided to land the aircraft on its belly.

The experts, in turn, were alerted by the fact that, despite the emergency landing, neither the doctors nor the rescue service rushed to the plane, which raises a lot of questions to the services of the Aden Add airport.

Representatives of the air carrier from Armenia did not comment on the incident, in connection with which, there are no details on this subject yet.